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Hazrat Sultan mosque in Nur-Sultan city the capital of Kazakhstan

The Hazret Sultan Mosque

The Hazret Sultan National Mosque is the largest in Kazakhstan and the second largest in Central Asia. The name of the mosque is translated as "the Holy Sultan." So they addressed to the poet who lived in the XII century, the thinker and at the same time the Sufi Sheikh Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, after whom she was named. Yasavi is revered in Islam as a saint, and a mausoleum was erected over his grave in Turkestan.

The opening of the mosque, which immediately became one of the country's unique cultural sites, took place on July 6, 2012.
The area of this colossal structure is 11 hectares, and the total area of all premises reaches almost 18 thousand square meters. In addition to the main prayer hall under the central dome, there are several smaller halls. Also in the mosque there is a room for weddings, an ablution room, a special room for reading the Koran, an audience for classes and a wardrobe. The maximum capacity of the mosque is 10 thousand people.
Inside the mosque there is a souvenir shop and a halal cafe where you can have a cheap snack. There is a toilet.

Mosque architecture

Hazrat Sultan mosque was built in the traditional Islamic style. Its architecture is distinguished by lightness and airiness, combined with elegance, which makes the building look like a fabulous oriental palace, descended from the pages of books. Seeming from afar, snow-white and seemingly dissolving in the sky, the mosque opens on approaching with new colors - Kazakh ornaments and Arabic script appear in the walls, made in incredibly delicate tones. The plasticity of the form is achieved through the use of numerous arched openings, pilasters, and decorative belts in the architecture.
The main dome Hazret Sultan, reaching a diameter of 28.1 m and rising to 51 m, is the largest in Kazakhstan. Around it there are 8 domes with a diameter of 10.45 and 7.6 m and a height of 33.46 and 25.25 m. At the corners of the building there are four 77-meter carved minarets.

This extraordinarily beautiful mosque, which is not for nothing called the pearl of Astana, harmoniously harmonizes with the buildings located around - the Palace of Peace and Accord (Foster Pyramid), the National Museum and residential buildings, bringing a spicy oriental note to the modern ensemble. In the evening, with the backlight turned on, the mosque looks particularly impressive.


The interior of the mosque is also dominated by white color, complemented by delicate shades of blue and neatly diluted with gold. On the walls you can see ornaments in the Kazakh style and read the names of 25 Islamic prophets. The internal space of the mosque has a beneficial effect on a person even far from Islam. The soul as if sings, having adjoined to this refined beauty.
A special emotional impression is made by the main prayer hall located under the imposing central dome, which rests on massive white columns. It is decorated with a huge 3-ton chandelier.
In the Hazret Sultan mosque you can see several interesting artifacts: the silver Quran made up of 162 pages, made in Moscow at the Mint, and the authentic handwritten Quran of the XII century, brought to Kazakhstan in the XIV century by Tamerlane. This 40-pound book, stored today under glass in the main hall, is one of the most ancient editions of the Holy Book of Muslims in the world.
Rules of visiting the mosque Hazret Sultan
When visiting the Hazret Sultan mosque, you should follow a number of rules common to all Islamic shrines.
Clothing for both men and women should be closed. Entrance to the shorts is strictly prohibited. Women should remove their hair and cover them with a handkerchief. If you have inappropriate clothing, you can use the capes that hang at the entrance
Going into a mosque, you need to take off your shoes, putting your shoes in a special locker.
During prayer, women are not allowed into the main hall under the central dome. For their prayers on the second floor there is a female prayer hall. At other times, women visit the main hall is not forbidden.

The movement of tourists is limited to red tape.

Taking pictures inside the mosque is not prohibited.
The mosque is open around the clock, so at any time you can go in, be in silence, relax. According to reviews of the Hazret Sultan mosque, no matter what religion you belong to, being inside, you will definitely feel peace and tranquility.

How to get to the Hazret Sultan mosque in Astana

From a distance, a noticeable building is located on the right bank of the Ishim River, not far from the Palace of Peace and Accord and the stelae Kazak Eli.
Near the mosque there is free parking, so you can safely arrive by car. But, moving by public transport, you will avoid traffic jams, as it moves along a dedicated lane. Also it is worth considering that during the Friday prayer a parking place is unlikely to be found.
On Tauelsizdik Avenue there is a bus stop “Hazret Sultan Mosque”, which can be reached on regular bus routes No. 3, 4, 4a, 19, 40. You can also get to the stops “LCD Fairy World” (buses No. 14, 29), “ University of Arts Shabyt (buses number 3, 21, 29, 100) or Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum (buses number 14, 100). Walking distance from the National Museum and Presidential Park.