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Khan Shatyr

Relax in Khan Shatyr (shopping and entertainment center)

Khan Shatyr is a large entertainment and shopping center in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan (the new symbol of Astana), opened on July 6, 2010 in honor of the Capital's Day. Khan Shatyr is the most grandiose object of roofing structures in the world and the largest of the shopping centers of Kazakhstan, distinguished by its unique appearance. Khan Shatyr shopping Center is considered to be the first lifestyle center that combined world-class entertainment and trade under one roof.

How to get there

Khan Shatyr shopping center is located in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of Khan Shatyr: 51°7'56"N 71°24'14"E


An architectural miracle from the imagination of architect Norman Foster-the building of a shopping and entertainment center” Khan Shatyr " is an uncontested and the largest architectural project in Central Asia. This complex, built of monolithic catfish ingots on a pedestal, has a height of 200 meters. Its main frame consists of a giant spire consisting of a fine mesh coated with fluoropolymer. ETFE fluoropolymer used for cladding is one of the amazing building materials that protect the inside of a building from heat and cold by letting in a lot of light. The object consists mainly of strong and stable monolithic metal blocks. The total weight of the metal structures is 2300 tons, and the height of the roof, installed on the entire pedestal, is 150 meters. Special shutters and installed ventilation units used inside this giant structure allow you to maintain a smooth air temperature in the complex in changeable weather. The metal frame of the construction object is 2300 tons, the roof height is 150 meters.

What's interesting

Khan Shatyr occupies an area of 110 thousand square meters. This shopping and entertainment center will house the largest city gardens, large shopping centers, a cinema, concert halls. At the same time, cafes and restaurants are located on all floors of the building. Inside the center there are tropical gardens, flower beds, fountains. The Khan Shatyr Shopping Center with a total retail area of more than 6,000 square meters has become the largest hypermarket in Astana.

In addition to the shopping areas in the Khan Shatyr center, there are fitness and SPA centers "RIXOS SPA". There are restaurants and cafes on each floor of the building. In them, experienced chefs from all over the world prepare and serve delicious dishes for the capital's residents. And on the sixth floor there was a swimming pool, a water park and a universal indoor beach. Arriving at this center, vacationers have the opportunity to admire the picturesque view of the capital from the height of the observation deck.

In the Khan Shatyr center, several cinemas present the latest new films to the audience. On the square where this structure is located, along with a stunning roof, there is a tower with a height of 38 meters, which has no analogues in the capital. At the same time, there is a mobile monorail railway, snorkeling centers with obstacles at heights of 7 and 4 meters.

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centers

The Fame City Entertainment Center invites you to visit more than 100 types of games designed not only for children, but also for adults. Fame City makes an indelible impression on families who have come with a variety of exciting games and entertainment. Visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of entertainment, take a train by rail from a creepy cave, and the game "golden mine" will leave an unforgettable experience.

Mini City

Mini City, Fame City, is also located in Mini Town. Parents also inspire children to vocational training in various circles while shopping in the Khan Shatyr shopping center.

Water Attraction

The water attraction is an attraction with water channels and wooden boats, the ascent is 4 m, the descent is 7 m, surrounded by trees and picturesque vegetation.

The Tower of the Fall

The highest attraction of Astana in its appearance, an exciting game with a height of 38 meters, is designed for those who want to experience the feeling of free fall. The Khan attraction is located opposite the main entrance door of the tent. The device was brought from Italy, equipped with its own prevention and heating system. It can accommodate up to 12 people at a time.

Mono Rail

A mono-rail attraction with a length of 500 m, the Khan runs along the entire perimeter of the roof. A beautiful view opens from the ground with a height of 25 m. 4 passes the cave. The caves are full of light and animation.

Food Area Khan Shatyr


KFC Fast Food is located on the 4th floor of the Man Restaurant. KFC is a fast food restaurant chain based in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. It mainly serves chicken, rapeseed, sandwich, salad. But the main dish is fried chicken.

Krusty Krabs

Krusty Krabs is located on the 4th floor of a fast food restaurant. In Krusty Krubs you can choose a variety of dishes, as well as dishes for children on the menu.


Turka is a place for active people. The bright and attractive appeal of the decoration emphasizes the ambiguity of the menu. Fans of Asian cuisine can try Thai noodles here. In addition, here you can also find the famous doner, lahmajun, baklava. Lovers of Mexican and Italian cuisine will find real spaghetti and burritos here.

Khan Shatyr shopping and entertainment center Astana


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