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Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center in Nur-Sultan city

Khan Shatyr shopping center in Nur-Sultan city capital of Kazakhstan

The shopping center Khan Shatyr in Nur-Sultan city (Astana) is the first and only lifestyle-complex in Kazakhstan, which has become a kind of symbol of the capital. It brings together international shopping and entertainment under its roof. Designed by renowned English architect Norman Foster, the mall is a huge structure with a unique design. The building has a hip-shaped form, which is completely atypical for modern malls. The tent, whose height is 95 meters, is built of steel cables that are mounted on a steel tripod. In general, the height of the building (together with the spire) reaches the highest mark of 150 meters, while its area is equal to 120000 sq. M.

The Khan Shatyr shopping center in Nur-Sultan first opened its doors to visitors in July 2010. The opening ceremony was attended by officials: N. Nazarbayev, D. Medvedev, as well as the heads of Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries. The project was implemented in 5 years. Leading experts from Russia, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Germany and Turkey took part in the development of its concept.

The main idea of the embodiment of a shopping center of this size was to create an atmosphere of comfort for high-quality rest from everyday life. A distinctive feature of the complex is the presence in it of a huge number of flowers and plants, which makes the situation more lively. In addition, the building has a translucent roof that lets in sunlight, so that the building is filled with the atmosphere of home comfort.

The Khan Shatyr shopping center is located in the central part of New Astana, now Nur-Sultan, also called the Millennium Axis. From the main entrance to the shopping center offers a beautiful view of the Presidential Palace. Thousands of people visit the complex every day; on weekends, the traffic increases to 30,000 guests.

Many world-famous brands, such as, for example, “GAP”, “New Yorker”, Zara ”,“ Massimo Dutti ”,“ Bershka ”, first of all appear here in Kazakhstan. In addition to a rich gallery, the shopping center includes an extensive entertainment area where visitors can have fun with their families and friends. On weekends, various promotions, lotteries and other events are held in the main atrium of the mall, making the mall visit even more interesting.