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Presidential Center of Culture

Culture of Astana and Kazakhstan

The Presidential Center of Culture is the most beautiful museum building in the architecture of the city of Astana. The museum's fund has 143 thousand items that relate to history, ethnography, archeology, etc. Now the Military-Historical Museum of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the building of the center. Various items and souvenirs are also exhibited and presented to the public.

How to get there

The Presidential Center of Culture is located in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Address. Astana city, Republic Square 2., phone: +7 (7172) 44-32-65


The Presidential Center of Culture in Astana is seen from a height as a circle dissected by sunlight, the rays are directed to the cardinal directions and symbolize the cardinal directions, the height of the building is 19.5 meters, the building is on the 5th floor, there is a dome with a radius of 16 meters on the roof. The exposition of the museum is represented by the history of Kazakhstan, the chronology of the country, which opens and shows the entire historical process of the republic. The museum was built on the initiative of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev as a project of the research and cultural and educational movement in Kazakhstan.

Presidential Center of Culture Astana City


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