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Ak Orda in Nur-Sultan city the capital of Kazakhstan

Ak Orda president residence in Nur Sultan city

Ak Orda is one of the most important buildings in Astana and in Kazakhstan, since it is here that the presidential residence is located. The height of the building together with the spire is 80 m. The facade is faced with Italian marble.

Akorda consists of five above-ground and two underground floors. Under the ground there is a kitchen, parking for cars, a dining room. The upper floors are used for official receptions and are distinguished by luxurious halls. All of them have the names: “Marble Hall”, “Golden Hall”, “Oval Hall”, “Dome Hall” and “Oriental Hall”. The latter is stylized as a yurt.

The word "Akorda" is translated from Kazakh as "white bet". And it is not surprising, because it is white that is the main color - it symbolizes joy and goodness. The center of the building is decorated with a composition of arches, and the top is crowned with a spire extending from a large blue dome.

Akorda is located on the left bank of the Ishim River. Other state buildings are located near it: the Government House, the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Supreme Court and others. At a distance of 300 m is the main monument of Astana - “Baiterek”.