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Tour Lost World of Aral sea, Aralsk city, Kombash lake, Kazalinsk, Karateren villages

Organization of travel in the Kyzylorda region and the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan. Exploration of the island of Barsakelmes and its visit. Excursion to the ship graveyard on the Aral Sea. All the most interesting, unforgettable and exciting, you will find traveling in this region, the area is semi-desert, so be prepared for hot weather.

Factors that caused the disaster in the Aral Sea:
ignoring the historical and natural features of the area;
improper agricultural planning, lack of water resources;
maximum use of water-intensive crops of rice and cotton;
non-compliance with agrotechnical measures for land development and inefficient use of water;
errors in the use of natural resources and the lack of scientific justification for its development.

These facts led to an ecological crisis in the ecosystem of the Aral Sea. These cases have become known throughout the world as human errors. The current environmental disaster in the Aral Sea region is a sign that seawater is shrinking every year. Its fauna and flora are on the verge of extinction. Soil salinization occurs very quickly. Fish farming in the Aral Sea has been suspended and resumed only in the last 1-2 years. The social status of the population has declined.

  • Distance of the route: 447 km
  • Season time: May - September
  • Best time: July - September
  • Group size: not more 12 person
  • Days & nights: 3 days - 2 nights

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