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An ancient oriental bathhouse in Turkestan city

An ancient oriental bathhouse located in the holy city of Turkestan was built in 1580-1590. The bath was intended for ladles who came to the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. The building of the bathhouse was originally built below ground level so that the heat would be kept in the bathhouse for as long as possible and not be blown out. There are 9 rooms in the bathhouse, in two of them there was hot water and in the other cold water, one room was allotted to heat the bathhouse and the rest of the rooms could be washed.

The heating system of the bath is very well thought out; hot air moved along all the rooms in the floor taps. The bathhouse worked until 1979, and all residents of Turkestan went to the bathhouse. The bathhouse was built very high quality and therefore has served people for so long. In 1979, it was decided to make a museum out of the bathhouse.

Eastern bath Turkestan


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