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Tay Kazan in Mausoleum of Khawaja Ahmed Yasawi Turkestan city

Tay Kazan in Turkestan city.

Tay Kazan is the main exhibit of the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. According to scientists, this gift was made by the commander Emir Timur in the XIV century. It was cast from gold, silver, iron, bronze, tin, copper, lead.
Tay Kazan weighs two tons. At the congress of historians, archaeologists, architects in Turkestan, scientists spoke about the true purpose of the cauldron. Despite the fact that it is associated with cooking, in fact, it was intended to store water.

Kenzhetai Dosai, a scientist: “The water from it was given to pilgrims as consecrated after ritual actions. They did not cook food in it. Tourists need to tell about this purpose of the boiler. Unfortunately, in Soviet times, the mausoleum and other objects were considered only as a museum. The connection with culture and history was broken. Now, this knowledge needs to be revived, the spiritual, cultural and historical significance of a number of objects of antiquity restored.

Such important details will attract tourists, scientists say. Therefore, it is necessary to restore forgotten information. In general, to increase the flow of people, the authorities intend to make every effort.
The new regional center will be built in oriental style. The houses will be lower than the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, since it should be visible from all sides. While the master plan for the construction of Turkestan is not even in the project. He is under discussion. Experts from various fields offer their ideas for the formation of a new city, which will play an important international role.
It is planned that Turkestan will compete with Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, will become the center of the Turkic world. Which in turn will increase the authority of Kazakhstan in front of the international community.

The proposals voiced at the congress by experts will be taken into account by the authorities during the construction of a new city. It is already known that each region will make a gift to a new regional center - it will give a building. For example, Astana Akim Aset Issekeshov proposed to build the Astana park in Turkestan.
Recall, today a competition is being held to develop the concept of a master plan for the development of the center of the Turkestan region. It is planned that the master plan will be approved by the end of the year. According to preliminary data, a museum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi and the Arbat will be built in Turkestan.