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Aitbay Mosque in Kyzyl-Orda city Kazakhstan

Aytbay Mosque

Aitbay Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city of Kyzylorda. The monument of architecture of the Republic of Kazakhstan of republican significance. Located in the historic city center. Capacity about 500 people.


Height is 14 meters. The front part is a large portal, in the middle - the door. The facades are decorated with curly brickwork.


The mosque was built at the expense of the residents of Perovsk on the initiative of the merchant from Bukhara, Aitbay Baltabaev, who contributed the largest amount to the construction. Construction was led by masters from Aulie-Ata (now Taraz) Iskan and Kamal. The mosque was opened in 1878 and was also used as a madrasah. The cost of this mosque with a minaret reached 40,000 rubles.
In the Soviet years, the mosque was closed. In the 1970s, the building was a branch of the regional museum of local lore. In 1982, the mosque was included in the list of monuments of history and culture of republican significance and taken under state protection; by the time it was handed over to believers, it was restored in the late 1980s. With funds raised by believers, a minaret was added to the mosque.
The redevelopment of the mosque, made in the 2000s, has criticized the restorers:

Now the Aitbay mosque, the one in the center of Kyzylorda, is still protected by the state. But as a specialist, I can say that its historical value has already been lost. At the beginning of this century, there, without any coordination with the state institution for the protection of historical and cultural monuments, major repairs were carried out and only the front part remained intact from the entire ancient Aitbay mosque, and the rest was redone in a way that was convenient for the ministers of the mosque. Now we can only talk about removing the Aitbay mosque from the list of monuments protected by the state.