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Kyzylorda Region

Travel from Almaty to KyzylordaAttractions of the Kyzylorda region

Kyzylorda region is a region located in the south of Kazakhstan, established on January 15, 1938, the regional center is the city of Kyzylorda. In terms of land area, it occupies the 3rd place in the Republic. It borders in the north with the Karaganda region, in the northwest with the Aktobe region, in the southwest and south with Uzbekistan, in the east with the Turkestan region. The main part of the territory is located in the Turan lowland (height 50-200 m.)

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Kyzylorda region is located in the east of the Aral Sea, in the lower reaches of the Syrdarya River and in the Turan lowland. Borders with several regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 45°0'N 64°0'E


The main part of the territory of the Kyzylorda region is located in the Turan lowland, in the east-the ridges of the Karatau mountains, in the northwest of the Aral Sea, in the southwest of the Kyzylkum sands. The ore riches of the region have not been fully studied, the Kyzylorda region ranks 3rd in Kazakhstan in non-ferrous metal ore. About 1 thousand km of the lower course of the Syrdarya River passes through the territory of the region. In June 1956, the Kyzylorda dam was put into operation on the Syrdarya River. Due to the decrease in the amount of water of the rivers flowing into the Aral Sea, it was divided into two lakes: the Great Aral Sea and the Northern Small Aral Sea. A significant part of the area is covered with sand.


Akmeshit was built in 1820 during the Kokand Khanate as the first city along the Syr Darya River. Since 1847, tsarist Russia began a policy of annexing the coast to its empire; on July 28, 1853, Orenburg Governor-General V. A. Perovsky, under the pretext of protecting the Syrovichi, invaded Akmeshit with Russian troops and expelled the Musans from the city. The city became known as Perovsk, and in 1867 it became the center of Syrdarya county. A school, a brick factory, a windmill, and blacksmith shops will start operating in the city. Along with mosques, churches also worked in the city, since the 70s Muslim mosques appeared in the city.

In 1868, a county post office was opened in Perovsk; after the commissioning
of the Orenburg-Tashkent railway in 1905, a coordinating logistics structure (stations, train stations, depots, warehouses) was built. On October 30, 1917, Soviet power was established in Perovsk. In 1922, the city was again renamed Akmeshit. This year, the first carpentry workshop was opened, a brick factory was restored;

On April 15, 1925, the All-Union Congress of Workers of the Kazakh Autonomous Republic took place in the city, where it was decided to name the city Kyzyl-Orda ("Red Capital") and assign it the title of the capital of the republic. The population of the city at that time was 22 thousand 577 people. For the first time in these years, electricity was carried out, construction was carried out throughout the city, houses of a new type were built, educational institutions and institutes of public education were built.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the population of the region and the city increased significantly due to arrivals from other parts of the USSR: political exiles, deported Poles from Belarus and Western Ukraine, Germans, Koreans evacuated from the regions occupied by Nazi Germany, the peoples of the Crimea and the North Caucasus;
On January 15, 1938, the Kyzylorda region was formed, the city of Kyzylorda was given the status of a regional center.

Kyzylorda region in the Republic of Kazakhstan


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