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Korkyt Ata Memorial Complex

Sights of the Kyzylorda regionExcursion to the Korkyt-Ata monument

The Korkyt Ata Memorial is an architectural complex in the boundless Kazakh steppe, located 20 kilometers northeast of the village of Zhosaly. Its construction began in 1980 and was commissioned in 1997. In the center of the complex there is a stone kobyz, a traditional Kazakh stringed instrument. The four parts of the kobyz point to the four cardinal directions, the complex is oriented to the cardinal directions, north, south, west, east. When a strong wind blows in the steppe, the complex emits the sound of a kobyz, this musical function was taken into account during the construction of the memorial, for this purpose special long iron tubes were installed that sound in a strong wind.

How to get there

The Korkyt-ata Memorial is located in the Kyzylorda region, 18 kilometers from the village of Zhosaly, Karmakshi district. GPS coordinates: 45°36'12.38"N 63°56'04.99"E

Korkyt-Ata thinker, philosopher

Korkyt is a great thinker, zhyrau, kobyzist, common to the Turkic peoples. Korkyt ata is known as a historical figure whose trace in life, literary and musical heritage has remained in history. Most studies come to the conclusion that Korkyt ata was born at the beginning of the 10th century in the Oguz-Kipchak tribal association that lived along the Syr Darya. In the history of Kazakh philosophy, Korkyt appears as a brilliant figure, a thinker who created the foundations of the Turkic worldview, a humanist philosopher who occupies his place in the world mental culture.


In 1997, the monument was restored and repaired. In 2000, a museum was opened at the complex. His collection contains about 700 exhibits. The museum's exposition contains materials telling about the history and culture of the era in which Korkyt lived. This memorial complex is considered one of the sacred places of pilgrimage common to all Turkic peoples.

Authors B. A. Ibraev, S. I. Isataev. The Korkyt Ata monument consists of 4 vertical steles with a height of 8 m made of reinforced concrete. Each stele is erected facing each side of the world. The steles, which expand upwards and meet in the shape of a bucket, also hint at the image of a kobyz. There are 40 metal tubes in the central hole at the bottom of the joint. When the wind blows, they make a sound consonant with the kobyz. The inner part of the Korkyt Taban monument is decorated with the “camel's paw” pattern, which traces the path of the sacred Korkyt Ata wind in search of the mystery of eternal life. The triple ceiling of each stele resembled a dome, finding a unique architectural compositional solution.

Korkyt-Ata Monument (memorial)


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