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Republic palace of schoolchildren in Almaty city

Almaty palace of schoolchildren in Almaty city

Storyof palace

The building was built between 1979 and 1983 by architects V. N. Kim, A. P. Zuev, T. S. Abildaev and others. The creative team of authors was awarded a diploma of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR.
In June 2014, the Palace of Schoolchildren was closed for major repairs, which was the first for him in the 30-year history of the building. At that time, 80 circles of sports, scientific-technical, decorative-applied and artistic areas were functioning in the building. All circles and sections were temporarily transferred to other educational institutions of the city.
The reconstruction was completed in 2015 and the Schoolchildren's Palace reopened on Knowledge Day.

Architecture of palace

Dynamic forms of the structure, located on the background of the foothills of Zailiysky Alatau, complete one of the most beautiful ensembles of the city. The architectural and planning composition of the four-story building is solved in the form of a spiral with volumes of pavilions strung on its axis. The main entrance is accented by a grand staircase. The center of the composition is a celebration hall crowned by a dome, to which all groups of rooms of the palace adjoin. To the left of the dome is the 40-meter tower of the observatory. The interiors are decorated with monumental painting - high relief "Steppe" (artist G. Zavizionny). During the construction, Kordai and Balkhash granites, Mangystau shell rock, wood, metal were used. The main motives for solving interiors are the softness of the outlines and the light saturation of the ceilings. Spacious alleys and platforms in front of the building provide for the possibility of holding mass events in the open air. The building is designed for 2200 schoolchildren. There is an auditorium (800 seats), rooms for various clubs, gyms, a swimming pool and others.

Monument Status

January 26, 1984 the Palace of schoolchildren was included in the State list of historical and cultural monuments of local importance in Almaty.
On November 10, 2010, the new State List of Monuments of History and Culture of Local Importance of the city of Almaty was approved, at the same time all previous decisions on this subject were invalidated. In this Decree, the status of a local monument of the building of the Palace of Schoolchildren was retained. The boundaries of the protected areas were approved in 2014.

Monument to Gani Muratbaev

In 1985, a monument to Gani Muratbaev, a well-known public figure, the founder of the Komsomol in Central Asia and the Kazakh SSR, was erected in front of the Republican Palace of Schoolchildren.
The bronze sculpture of G. Muratbaev, 3.7 meters high, was made according to the model of sculptors T.S. Dosmagambetova, O.G. Prokopieva and mounted on a pedestal of granite stone. 6 steps lead to the site on which the monument is located. The platform is made of polished red granite tiles.
The architects of the monument were Sh. E. Valikhanov and A.S. Kainarbayev.
The monument was erected as part of the celebration of the memory of Gani Muratbaev (60 years from the date of death).
In 1986, the decision of the Executive Committee of the Alma-Ata City Council of People's Deputies, the monument was included in the State Register of historical and cultural monuments of local importance in Alma-Ata.
In 2010, the monument was preserved the status of a monument of history and architecture of local importance.