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Karaganda city

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Karaganda is a city in Central Kazakhstan, the center of the Karaganda region. In terms of population, the city ranks 5th after Almaty, Astana, Shymkent and Aktobe. On February 10, 1934, the village of Karaganda was transformed into a city by the decree of the Presidium. At the end of the XIX century, geological studies were carried out in the area, at the beginning of the XX century, coal mining began by Russian merchants, and at the end it continued by French and English businessmen.

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The city of Karaganda is located in the Karaganda region in central Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of the city of Karaganda: 49°48'10"N 73°06'20"E


Karaganda has a 170-year history. The first Russian settlers arrived in the Karaganda region in 1906 under the Stolypin agrarian reform and founded the village of Mikhaylovka (Kazybek-Bisky district), after which “Tikhonovka”, “Zelenaya Balka” and “Novouzenka” were formed. After the revolution, coal mining was temporarily suspended due to the withdrawal of the British. In 1930, coal mining was actively resumed and construction of temporary residential buildings began, such as clay-clay partial houses for exiled (confiscated) citizens of the USSR and their families. The vast majority of newly arrived workers and specialists settled in the newly built villages of Maikuduk, “novaya Tikhonovka”, “Prishakhtinsky". The population has also increased significantly in the former villages.

On March 20, 1931, by order (KAZTSIK), the Karaganda Workers' Council was created with its own budget, which would report directly to the committee. The center was located in the village of Bolshaya Mikhaylovka, which later became part of the city. In 1931, the mining village of Karaganda became a working village. With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, thousands of Karaganda residents took part in the defense of their borders.

In 1974 66 enterprises and organizations joined the production association “Karagandaugol”, including 3 mines and 26 mines. The collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics greatly affected the Kazakh mining capital - the revolutionary 1920s and the military 1940s after the 1990s became the hardest time of the XX century for Karaganda. Karaganda, which is called the third furnace of the country, produces only a small part of the coal mined during the Soviet era at the beginning of the XXI century.


Many monuments of Karaganda may also be of interest to tourists. Among them there is a monument to akyn Bukhar zhyrau, a monument to the classic of Kazakh literature, a monument to the great poet Abai Kunanbayev and many others.
Monument to Bukhar-zhyrau poet (1668 - 1781).
Monument to Abai Kunanbayev poet (1845-1904.
On May 28, 2011, the monument was opened the famous phrase " Where-where? In Karaganda!".
On May 31, 2022, on the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression, a monument to the victims of famine was opened in Karaganda.

The city of Karaganda, Karaganda region


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