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Kazakh Drama theater in Karaganda city.

City and photo tour Karaganda city.

History of Kazakh Drama Theater, Karaganda city.

The history of the Kazakh Drama Theater dates back to 1932, and in the early years of its existence, the theater was located in the area now called the "old city". In the 30s of the XX century, it was here that the center of the mining village was located, and after some time the city of Karaganda. For many years, the Drama Theater was the main center of cultural life, and after the city was moved to a new place, the Kazakh Drama Theater moved to the new building. He was adjacent to the Russian Drama Theater. Stanislavsky until 2008.
The old theater building was not destroyed, but due to the lack of proper maintenance, it has become dilapidated and today it is on the verge of destruction. However, despite serious damage, the old building of the Kazakh Drama Theater is one of the most important historical monuments of the Karaganda region. This is not only the oldest stone building in Karaganda, but also a very rare example of constructivism architecture in Kazakhstan. In 1964, the theater was named after S. Seifullin, an outstanding figure of Kazakh literature. The theater staged plays by M. Auezov, G. Musrepov, S. Mukanov and other Kazakh playwrights. Since its inception, the theater has not had its own building and the theater was based in the building of the Karaganda Regional Russian Drama Theater named after K. S. Stanislavsky. In December 2008, a new building was opened on Bukhar-Zhyrau Avenue. The new theater was built on the site of the old "Summer Theater" at the intersection of Bukhar-Zhyrau and Peace Boulevard.

Kazakh Drama Theater Awards, in Karaganda.

At the IV republican festival in 1996, the Karaganda Kazakh Drama Theater took second place. At the VII Republican festival for the play by G. Gorin's play “Atyn Shykpas”, the Karaganda Kazdramteater won the Grand Prix. Now the theater has 8 leading stage masters and 12 actors of the highest category.


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