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Pavlodar region and province in Kazakhstan

Tours and Excursions in Pavlodar region

Pavlodar region with its coal mines, thermal power plants and a refinery (oil refinery) is considered the center of energy of Kazakhstan.
Pavlodar region is located in the north-west of Kazakhstan, its area is 126 thousand square kilometers, and the population is 753 thousand people.
Pavlodar region accounts for half of the total electricity production in Kazakhstan and 65 percent of the total coal production.
Petrochemical plants, thermal power plants and other industrial enterprises in the region are located in the cities of Ekibastuz, Aksu and Pavlodar (the administrative center of Pavlodar region).

Tourist information about Pavlodar region

Power plants of Ekibastuz generate a total of more than four thousand megawatts of electricity per year.
Pavlodar refinery produces about 500 thousand tons of gasoline and 650 thousand tons of diesel fuel per year.
In Pavlodar, where a third of Kazakhstan’s coal reserves are located, 80 million tons of coal is mined annually in large coal mines such as Bogatyr, Ekibastuz, Vostok, and Maykobe.

Industry of Pavlodar region

In addition to coal, Pavlodar region also has significant reserves of gold, copper, aluminum, nickel, cobalt and other precious metals.
Pavlodar region carries out trade with more than 70 countries, in particular, such as Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Italy and the USA. The region exports coal, aluminum, electricity, chemical and agricultural products to these countries.
Akim (head) of Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov told Anadol agency that Pavlodar with its energy resources deserves the title of “energy and fuel center”.

Pavlodar region


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