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Mashkhur Jusup Mosque in Pavlodar city

Mosque named after Mashkhur Zhusup is a mosque with 1,500 seats, located in the center of Pavlodar in a 6-hectare park with main entrances from Kutuzov, Krivenko and Kairbaev streets.

Description of mosque

The mosque building was built in the form of an eight-pointed star measuring 48 × 48 meters, the height of the minarets is 63 meters, the height of the dome with a crescent is 54 meters. The dome of the mosque is of heavenly color, made in the form of a shanyrak. The height of the dome of the men's prayer hall for 1200 seats is 33 meters, and the diameter is 30 meters. The total area of the mosque is 7240 m². Two floors of the main building and minarets are made of brick, the dome is made of metal structures. Crystal chandelier "Zumrad" with 434 bulbs decorating the mosque was made in Tashkent. Architecturally, the mosque is like an open heart, open to peace and goodness. The first floor of the mosque includes classrooms of a madrasah, a prayer hall for women with 300 seats, a wedding hall, a dining room with 300 seats with auxiliary facilities, ablution rooms, wardrobes. The wedding hall and dining room can be combined into one large hall thanks to a transforming partition. On the second floor there is a prayer hall with a balcony for 1200 seats, a museum of Islamic culture, a library, a video room, office space, halls. The main entrance to the building leads to the second floor.


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