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The Annunciation Cathedral of Pavlodar (Blagoveshchenskiy cathedral)

The Annunciation Cathedral of Pavlodar is the main temple of the city, created in the 1990s. In 2013, received the status of a monument of culture and history of local importance. Dedicated to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is celebrated on April 7 / March 25. Built according to the classical Orthodox canons of three parts with seven gilded domes and nine bells. Divine services are constantly held in the church and educational lessons for children are held. The relics of many saints are stored inside and there is a large iconostasis with 54 icons.

History of creation

In the 1930s, the Soviet government destroyed the cathedral and church in Pavlodar without leaving a single temple. The new one was built only in 1944, and was the only one until 1990. At this time, it was decided to create another one. 1.1 ha land was allocated on the banks of the Irtysh River. In 1993-1994, preparatory work began on the territory and the first stones were laid. But the construction stopped very quickly. Not enough money and no workers.
The project was resumed only in 1998, when the city and regional authorities came to the rescue. After this, dozens of private enterprises and volunteers joined, who built walls with their own hands. The main construction work took place from June 1998 to October 1999. On October 19, they brought from Moscow and raised the bells, and on October 22, the consecration and the first liturgy took place. The next day, a grand opening for parishioners took place.

Cathedral architecture

The architectural complex consists of a central structure, a belfry and a landscaped area around. A parking lot, a children's playground and storage facilities were supplied. The building has seven gold domes made of iron. A cross on the main dome was erected to a height of 51 m. An iron green roof was laid on top. The main material is red brick. The Orthodox church is built according to all classical canons: the altar with the throne, the middle part and the annexe at the entrance are laid at the base. A distinctive feature is the attached road, which rises to a height and leads to the entrance group.
There are nine bells hanging on the belfry: from the smallest of 4 kg to the largest - 1024 kg. They were cast and decorated in Moscow at the I.A. Likhachev factory in conjunction with the Art and Production Enterprise. A bust is set next to the building to Alexander Nevsky. In the evening, lights and lights are turned on in the square.

Interior decoration

The main object inside is the iconostasis of three tiers, 8 m high and 2 m wide. There are 54 biblical plots and images of saints on it. There are no historically valuable ones among them, all are painted specifically for this church. The windows around the perimeter are decorated with stained-glass windows. All the decoration is made of wood. The walls are left in white without paintings, but they are decorated with additional icons. Of particular value are dozens of particles of the relics of saints such as: St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Martyr John the Warrior, Apostle Andrew the First-Called and others.
In addition to the main part with the hall there is a lower floor. There is a baptismal room with a font, a library and administrative premises are also located. Several rooms are allocated for Sunday school, where classes are held for children. The central place in the decoration is given by the gift of the former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev - the icon of Christ the Savior.

Visiting Rules

Entrance to the cathedral is open to all for free. Women need to cover their heads and knees when visiting, for this there are scarves that can be taken for free. Opening hours depend on Orthodox holidays and services:
• Divine Liturgy every day at 08:00;
• evening service at 16:00 - winter, 17:00 - summer;
• on Fridays, the akathist sings the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
How to get to the Annunciation Cathedral in Pavlodar
You can get to Pavlodar from Russia in several ways. It all depends on which city you start from:
• If you are in Moscow, then there is the option of a direct or connecting flight to a local airport. One-way flight costs about 10,000 rubles. Travel time is 3 hours 45 minutes.
• Trains from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tomsk, Chelyabinsk and other settlements that go along several routes.
• On a car with GPS coordinates - 52.312211, 76.952027. The fastest will start from Omsk - 419 km, Novosibirsk - 592 km, Barnaul - 519 km. Already further located are Tyumen, Kurgan, etc.
• You can also get on the intercity bus on routes from Omsk, Barnaul, Tomsk and other settlements.
From major cities of Kazakhstan, a plane also flies here. There are several flights daily from Almaty and Nur Sultan (Astana). Almost all settlements have a bus service. Already in Pavlodar, go to the sights by car with GPS coordinates - 52.295961, 76.928292. Take the bus at the Blagoveshchensky Cathedral stop on routes No. 9, 18, 21, 16, 27 and 40. For a taxi ride, download the Maxim or Yandex app. It is also possible to walk along the promenade to the beginning of the Khimgorodka district.

The Annunciation Cathedral of Pavlodar


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