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Kostanay city in Kostanay region Kazakhstan

Kostanay is the administrative, economic, cultural center of the Kostanay region. One of the largest railway, air and automobile centers in Kazakhstan.

Kostanay is located in the central part of the Kostanay plain, which forms the southwestern edge of the West Siberian lowland, occupying the steppe belt. The city is located on the banks of the Tobol River.

The territory of the district is 8991 ha. The population is 205.5 thousand people (2003). Kostanay is one of the oldest settlements in this region. The city was founded in 1897 by decree of the Russian Tsar, in the village of "Kostanay".
Initially, the village was called Nikolaevka. Then the log was renamed Kostanay and became the center of the Kostanay region. 1912-1913, thanks to the construction of the South Siberian railway line Chelyabinsk-Troitsk-Kostanay, Kostanay was able to establish direct trade relations with the central regions of Russia, which are one of the most developed regions of industrial development in Russia. As a result, Kostanay became one of the largest shopping centers in Northern Kazakhstan.
Light and food industries, a mill and diesel fuel, slippers, leather goods, etc. happened. 1917-19 years Soviet power was established in Kostanay in 1920. At that time, the name of the same name was used in the Aktobe region, in 1925. province, 1936 became the center of the newly created Kostanay region.

To date, a joint venture for the light industry, sewing and sewing factories "Bolshevikka", meat, dairy, flour and grain food industry, reinforced concrete plants of the building materials and materials of red and silicate brick, construction and assembly plants, a factory for refining for engineering and metalworking, automobile and agricultural machinery repair plants, chemical fiber plant of the chemical industry, thermoelectric power station power engineering, car repair plant, furniture industry, household waste disposal plant and other work.
Currently, 10 branches, 9 LLPs, 4 SMEs work at the industrial enterprises of the city. According to 2000 data, there are 30 large enterprises in Kostanay. The city has the North Kazakhstan Geological Department and its central laboratory, Baitursynov State Pedagogical University, Agricultural Institute, state agricultural and agricultural design institutes, the Institute of Water Structural Design, cooperative, automobile, construction colleges, 2 city vocational schools, institutions, historical and Regional Geological Museum, Bureau of Hydrometeorology, 59 schools, 2 houses of culture, Regional Drama Theater, ilarmoniya, 13 libraries. There are 12 hospitals (regional and city polyclinics, hospitals, railway clinics and children's clinics, regional and city polyclinics, oncology, tuberculosis, psychiatric, venereal clinics, bone marrow tuberculosis hospital, urban trachoma hospital), 6 obstetric centers, 131 pharmacies Regional radio television The stadium serves the residents of the city.


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