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Arkalyk city in Kostanay region Kazakhstan

Arkalyk is the largest city in Kazakhstan!

Yes, I was not mistaken in calling Arkalyk the largest city in Kazakhstan. In reality, it is not Astana, not Almaty, and not Shymkent, but Arkalyk that is the largest city in our country in terms of occupied space, since in addition to the city itself, Arkalyk includes 18 settlements of the former Arkalyk region, such as Akkoshkar, Alua, Angarsky, Ashutasti , Vostochny, Ekidin, Zhanakala, Zhalgyztal, Koktau, Matrosovo, Mirny, Molodezhnoye, Ushtobe, Furmanovo, Tselinnoye, and 2 rural districts: Kayindinsky (v. Kayyndy, v. Kzylzhulduz) and Rodinsky (v. Rodina, v. Aidar).

Information about the city of Arkalyk.

Before the appearance of the city of Arkalyk, the area was called Kyzyl goats, that is, a red lamb. Why a red lamb, because the lambs that grazed in these parts when they returned from the pasture, one of the shepherds noticed that the color of the wool of one lamb turned red. The reason for this was red clay - bauxite, later discovered bauxite ore deposits and the formation of the city is associated with this ore.
Later, the Kyzyl goat area was renamed Arkalyk. By the way, near Arkalyk there is a settlement in tune with Kyzyl goats called Kzylzhuldyz, but the name of this village most likely came from the Red Star.
To develop the bauxite deposit, Arkalyk was declared the object of the All-Union Komsomol shock construction site.
In 1950, Arkalyk became a working village in the Amangeldy district of the Kostanay region, and since 1956 it has the status of a working village. In 1965, Arkalyk acquired the status of a city.
It was in the 60-70 years of the last century that it became the largest city in the Turgai region, after which it became the administrative center of the Turgai region. And the region has become one of the granaries of the Soviet Union along with other regions of Northern Kazakhstan. At the same time, 10 districts of the current Kostanai and Akmola regions were included in the newly formed region; later, the Turgai region was disbanded.

The region developed rapidly, and the Kazakh Drama Theater named after S. Kozhamkulov, the regional museum of the steppe region, where unique exhibits were collected, opened here. The city became a space harbor, where spacecraft landed near the city, an alley of astronauts appeared in the city. The airport functioned, which connected with many cities of Kazakhstan, there was a direct flight to Moscow.
If the first Kazakh school in the Turgai steppe was opened by Ibrai Altynsarin back in the 19th century, then the pedagogical institute named after I. Altynsarin was opened in Arkalyk.

Accordingly, the population of the region and the city itself grew. There was a time when the population of Arkalyk reached 86,000.
Later, the Soviet planning and economic system failed and the city was on the verge of extinction.
Then in the terrible nineties, it would seem that the city and the region came to an end, entire micro districts were empty, the question arose about the fate of the city, it was precisely during this period that the mass outflow of the population fell, internal migration became uncontrolled.
The habitual way of life of people broke, the city became more like an arena of scenes as in horror films. The region was considered depressed.
Over its 60 year existence, the city as a living organism has had falls and ups.
But, the city as a phoenix bird has recovered anew, in the future I think it will be waiting for a second rebirth.
Pessimists can say what and how can this happen ?!
If the city survived in the most difficult times, now it is hardly worth waiting for its end.

As for the city, from my point of view there are several points that many did not pay attention to.
1. Recently, speaking at a briefing, the akim of the Kostanai region A. Mukhambetov said that he would have special control over the pressing problems of the southern regions of the Kostanai region and promised to support local entrepreneurs in every possible way, before that the Turgai region was slightly deprived.
2. The geographical location of the city itself, despite the considerable distances to Astana and Kostanay, respectively 480 and 440 km. It is of strategic importance. Recently, a commuter train to Shubarkul was launched in Arkalyk, and from hand to Shubarkul to Zhezkazgan. If you connect all these railways (Arkalyk-Shubarkul-Zhezkazgan), then the passenger, for example, would save a day before getting to Kyzylorda, and the first passenger train recently took off from Zhezkazgan to Kyzylorda.
They say that in 20-25 years the ore will end and then the city will end, but look at the geological map of the city and the Turgai region as a whole. This fertile land is rich in minerals of the Mendeleev table, there is lead, jade, white marble, black marble, yttrium, gold, silver, tin, etc. In total, 37 common mineral deposits are located in the Arkalyk region. Including: 28 - raw brick, 4 - building stone, 5 - building sand.
And in the Turgai steppe the previous years found an oil field.