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Rudny city in Kostanay region Kazakhstan

Rudny, a city of regional subordination to the Kostanai region, owes its name to a colossal iron ore deposit. The name of the city has repeatedly changed (Rudnogorosk, Seventy-Palatinsk) until the current one, which came from the name of the working village, was consolidated.

Rudny city lies within the hilly Turgai plateau on the banks of Tobol. Landscapes of the surroundings - the endless steppe. To the south of Rudny upstream of the Tobol is the Karatomarskoe reservoir, created to support the work of metallurgical plants. Seasonality is sharply expressed here, and remoteness from the oceans is the cause of the dry weather regime.

The emergence of the city is associated with the name of the pilot Mikhail Surgutanov. In February 1949, he flew over the Sarbay tract and noticed unusual compass behavior. Later, geographers and geologists arrived here. Thus, iron ore deposits of the Sokolovsky deposit were discovered. The discovery is attributed to V.P. Nosikov. in 1954, a resolution was adopted on the development of the ore deposit and the construction of a mining and processing plant. A year later (May 1955), the first workers reached here.

The city was built near the old Russian village Alekseevka, where in 1921 the ancient burial ground of the Bronze Age (3 millennium BC) was discovered with rich archaeological material. Now this place is located in the city. Ore has grown at an extremely fast pace: in 1956, it already receives urban status.

The city of miners is completely dependent on the work of its city - forming enterprise - JSC SSGPO. The appearance of the city and its environs is formed by two huge quarries - the Sarbaisky and Sokolovsky quarries, as well as a system of accumulative lakes for the operation of enterprises. A specialized industrial institute operates in Rudny.

Ore is not rich in sights. Basically, these are monuments dedicated to the short history of the city and its inhabitants - metallurgists and builders (for example, the “Ladle” stela and the “Miner” monument). In 2012, the Cathedral of St. John the Theologian opened. On the shore of Tobol lies a city leisure park and beach.


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