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Lisakovks city in Kostanay region Kazakhstan

Lisakovsk city
The administrative territory of the city of Lisakovsk includes: the city of Lisakovsk, the village of October, the village of Krasnogorsk. The administrative-territorial area of the city is 0.1 thousand square meters. km The length of roads is 57.2 km. The distance from the center of the region is -120 km.The population as of April 1, 2019 is 40,709.

Lisakovsk city geographical position

Lisakovsk is a city of regional subordination, formed in 1971 on the basis of the Lisakovsky mining and processing plant. It is located in the upper river Tobol, 18 kilometers south of a large railway junction, Tobol station, 120 kilometers southwest of the regional center, the city of Kostanay, and 70 kilometers from the border with Russia.
Four kilometers from the city is the Kostanay-Zhitikara road, through which transport links with Central and Southern Kazakhstan, Russia.
Railway communication with Russia, the regions of Central Asia and China is carried out through the stations of Mailin and Tobol along the South Siberian Railway.
The city is in close proximity to the largest sources of raw materials and markets in the region, the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana, the Ural region of the Russian Federation, the construction of the railway opens up access to the rapidly developing regions of Western Kazakhstan.

Lisakovsk city economy

As of January 1, 2018, 447 enterprises were registered in the city, of which 4 were large, 305 were medium and small businesses, 36 were enterprises with foreign participation.
The city has 5% of the total industrial production in the region. In 2017, industrial products worth 37.7 billion tenge were produced.
About 6.0 thousand people are employed in industrial production.
The mining industry is represented by such enterprises as: Branch of Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC KBRU (bauxite mining), Lisakov branch of Orken LLP (production of iron ore concentrate), Shaimerden LLP (zinc ore).
In the manufacturing industry - Altyn Omir LLP (production of beer, bakery products), LF DEP LLP (production of fermented milk products, condensed milk), Elohim Confectionery Shop LLP (production of confectionery).
In mechanical engineering - Don Mar LLP (production of agricultural reapers, sprayers, spare parts, sowing complexes).
About 2 thousand people are employed in individual entrepreneurship.

Lisakovsk city social sphere

The city has 8 schools, with a contingent of students - 3,700 people, 8 kindergartens (7-state, 1-private), and 1 mini-center, in which 14 children are brought up.
There is a children's music school, a children's art school, a center for children and youth creativity, and yard clubs.
In the field of higher education, the Lisakov Faculty of Distance Learning of the Rudny Industrial Institute operates, in which more than 300 full-time and part-time students study.
The training of specialists with secondary vocational education and workers is carried out by the Lisakovsky Technical College with a total number of students of 0.8 thousand people.
The state network of culture has 4 libraries, 2 houses of culture, 1 museum.
There are 95 sports facilities, of which: 2 stadiums, 2 sports complexes, 1 swimming pool, 19 gyms, 3 shooting ranges, 44 planar structures, 2 hockey courts, 5 tennis courts and 11 built-in gyms.
The city of Lisakovsk has a high labor, natural resource, production potential.
The city has a developed housing and communal infrastructure.
There are opportunities for business development, tourism development opportunities, given the favorable transport and geographical location.