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Lisakovks city in Kostanay region

City tour of Lisakovs and its surroundings -

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Lisakovs is a city in the Kostanay region of the Northern Administrative-territorial Division of Kazakhstan, the center of the akimat of the city of Lisakovsk. The distance from the regional center is 120 km. The population is 40,865 people, of which: 40,511 - urban population, 354-rural population. Four kilometers from the city there is a highway "Kostanay-Zhetykara", which provides transport links with central and Southern Kazakhstan, Russia. Railway communication with Russia, the regions of Central Asia and China is carried out along the South Siberian Railway through the Mailina and Tobol stations.

How to get there, visit -

The city of Lisakovsk is located in Kazakhstan, Kostanay region, 18 kilometers south of the major railway junction of Tobol station, 110 kilometers southeast of the regional center of Kostanay, and 70 kilometers from the border with Russia.
GPS coordinates: 52°32'N 62°30'E

Geography, climate -

The town of Lisakovs is located within an open basin towards the Tobol River. The relief of the district is a separate slightly crossed plane with a general slope towards the Tobol River. The absolute elevation above the area varies from 196 to 218 meters. The climate of the district is sharply continental and belongs to the 1st climate zone. Winters are cold, with frequent and severe snowstorms; summers are hot and dry, with dusty hot winds.

Information -

The city of Lisakovsk has a high labor, natural, industrial potential, the possibility of tourism development, an advantageous transport and geographical location. The city is located in close proximity to the capital of Kazakhstan - the city of Astana and, of the Russian Federation, the Ural region, the construction of the railway opens the way to the dynamically developing region of Western Kazakhstan.

History -

The city of Lisakovsk owes its existence to an iron ore deposit discovered in 1949, although it began to develop only in the 1960s, when the government began to build a village for miners' homes. In 1971, the village was assigned the category or status of a city. In the mid-1980s, construction of a chemical plant began in Lisakovsk, but its construction was halted with the collapse of the Soviet Union2.

Lisakovs city in Kostanay region


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