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Museum of Ibyrai Altynsarin

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Kostanay Regional Memorial Museum of Ibyrai Altynsarin was opened on December 9, 1991. The event was organized in memory of the great educator and writer Ibyrai Altynsarin on the eve of the 150th anniversary of his birth. According to the design of the chief architect of Kostanay, Khadzhimurat Kushikov, a beautiful building in the shape of a yurt was built for a special museum, combining national and classical styles in its architecture. The museum building consists of two parts: the first is an exact copy of the school opened by Ibyrai Altynsarin, inside there is a memorial class of the writer and administrative premises. In the second two-story yurt-type building, two stationary exhibitions “Ibyray Altynsarin - teacher-educator” and “Creative laboratory of the national writer of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mariam Khakimzhanova” are exhibited.

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The Museum named after Ibyrai Altynsarin is located in the historical and architectural part of the city of Kostanay, Altynsarin Street 118-A, not far from the boarding school for gifted children named after Ibyrai Altynsarin, founded by the writer in 1884, Kostanay region, Republic of Kazakhstan. Tel.: +7 (7142) 53 03 64

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The collection of the Ibyrai Altynsarin Museum contains 11,820 exhibits and 10,190 items of the main fund. The museum contains books about the writer’s work and life, his personal belongings, models of schools, photographs, and memories. The exhibits show not only the life and work of Ibyrai Altynsarin, but also the history of the formation and development of the structure of public education in Kazakhstan. Ibyrai Altynsarin was responsible for the opening of four two-class central schools, five district schools and two schools for the children of Russian settlers. She stood at the origins of craft education, as evidenced by special photographic materials and archival documents of the museum. Among the poet’s belongings, the most valuable item on display is a bed linen bag made of pure wool that belonged to the Altynsarin family. Also, in the museum you can find the original book “Sharia-ul-Islam”, according to religious Sharia, this technique was developed by the writer. At the same time, in the halls you can see a rich collection of jewelry - girlish jewelry, the result of the skillful work of Kazakh jewelers. The museum contains interesting materials about outstanding educators, scientists, cultural figures, poets, and graduates of Altynsarin schools. Museum staff are conducting research work to modernize the history of the pedagogical heritage of Ibyrai Altynsarin and his followers and develop knowledge about the region as a whole. At the same time, the museum is engaged in cultural and educational activities. The museum staff maintains contact with many schools, museums, archives and other scientific, cultural and educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The study of new aspects of the life and work of a teacher continues.


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