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Russian Drama Theatre in Kostany city Kazakhstan

Kostanay Regional Russian Drama and Puppet Theater is one of the oldest theaters in Kazakhstan. It was opened in 1922 in the building of the former Furor cinema, as the first stationary theater in Kostanay. The first play "Buvalyshchyna" was in Ukrainian. The repertoire of the first years includes plays by Merezhkovsky, Gogol, Ostrovsky, Schiller, Shakespeare. The performances of the theater instilled faith in victory during the years of World War II, inspired during the development of virgin lands, explored the problems of society in the 80-90s. In 1999, the decision of the akim of the region brought together two theaters: the regional drama theater. M. Gorky and the regional puppet theater.

To date, the theater’s repertoire has 20 dramatic and 13 puppet shows. The theater honors the names of those who stood at the origins, through his work and talent created his glorious biography. The title of Honored Artist was the first in the theater to receive V. Bolshakova, I. Dubrovsky in 1948.


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