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Monument of Independence of Kazakhstan in Almaty city.

Excursion to Monument of Independence in Almaty city.

In the central square of Almaty, a grandiose construction stands - the Monument of Independence of Kazakhstan, its main motive is the image of the Golden Man. This complex is one of the symbols of the country. The author of the composition is Valikhanov.

The idea of Monument of Independence in Almaty city.

The opening of the monument took place in December 1996 by order of Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of the republic. Work on its construction was carried out under the guidance of the honored architect of the republic, sculptors such as Zhumabaev, Dalbaev and Zharylgapov collaborated with him. The monument project was implemented with the participation of Mansurov, Bayarlin, Satybaldin and Montakhaev.
The idea of creating this monument came to the mind of the president of the republic during a trip to Egypt, he was in the city of Luxor and saw a monument in honor of the country's independence. The author of the future project, Valikhanov, accompanied Nursultan Nazarbayev on this trip, and he proposed the creation of a monument in Kazakhstan.

Monument composition of Independence of Kazakhstan in Almaty city.

The complex is horizontally extended 180 meters, in the center is a vertical plastic stele that resembles the relief Mangyshlak kulpytasy, its height is 28 meters. It ends with the figure of the Golden Man six meters high, which is depicted as a ruler managing a winged leopard, he symbolizes strong power in the country.

Information about Monument of Independence in Almaty city.

The stele rises on a semicircular pedestal located in the center of a round platform, it fixes a specific point in space and is located against two tall buildings. The closer you are to the stele, the faster it is carried up. In the lower part you can read information about when the independence of Kazakhstan was proclaimed. Not far from the square there are comfortable hotels in Almaata where you can relax after excursions.
At the foot there is a group of several allegorical figures: mother earth, the heavenly sage and two children sitting on stallions. They are located on four cardinal points that feed the earth with life-giving moisture. Children are a symbol of youth, the future of the country, and in general, all the figures make up a family - the foundation of any state. All figures form a square; it represents stability and strength.

On the sides of the stele in a circle in the form of a horseshoe there are 10 bas-reliefs, they describe the history of the country from ancient years to the present day, and their number is not arbitrary, it is the number of prosperity, strength, power and prosperity, according to the teachings of Pythagoras. All historical events are located here not in chronological order, but taking into account the decoration of its individual stages.
One of the largest attractions of the city of Almaty is Kok-tyube Mountain and the TV Tower.