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Monument of Independence of Kazakhstan

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The Monument of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a monument of architecture and sculpture erected in honor of the fifth anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty. It is included in the list of monuments of national significance. The complex is a unique work of art combining architecture, sculptures, words of famous figures of science, culture and the state.

Artistically decorated lattices framing the stele tell about the main events in the history of Kazakhstan, including the solemn election of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. On the lower side of the monument there is a signature imprint on the plaque. The words of historical figures of the past and present are carved on the slabs. Here you can read the following words of President Nazarbayev: "Peace and harmony in society ensure a decent life and work of every person. Freedom is not freedom, but the triumph of justice and law.

Monument of Independence of Kazakhstan – information

The height of the monument is 28 meters. The "man" or winged leopard with a height of 6 meters depicts a steppe leader who rules and describes the real state power on the Kazakh land. The stele is mounted on a semicircular stylobate with a diameter of 28 meters, located in the center of a circular platform with a diameter of 46 meters. The following words in Kazakh and Russian are carved in the lower part of the stele: "On December 25, 1990, the state sovereignty of Kazakhstan was proclaimed", "On December 16, 1991, the state independence of Kazakhstan was proclaimed". At the foot of the stele, on the stylobate, there are allegorical sculptures "Mother Earth" and two children sitting on a foal.

The authors of the monumental structure erected in 1996 on the Republic Square in Almaty in the form of a high obelisk in honor of the fifth anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence: architect Shot-Aman Idrisovich Ualikhan (head of the group), sculptors Nurlan Dalbai, architects A. Zhumabayeva K. Zharylgapov, K. Montakaev, chief designer S. P. Kalamkarov. The Independence Monument was opened on December 16 of the same year. The opening ceremony of the monument was attended by President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev and President of Turkey Suleiman Demirel.

Independence Monument in Almaty


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