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Almaty city ZOO.

The Almaty Head Republican Zoo is a state zoo of the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan, a scientific and educational institution. One of the oldest zoological parks of the Republic of Kazakhstan - was founded in 1937. Located on an area of 21 hectares (2014). All animals in the zoo are housed in 7 sections: carnivorous mammals, ungulates, primates, birds of prey, exotic birds, exotarium, aquarium. The zoo is located next to the Central Park of Culture and Rest. Gorky. The main entrance is on Esenberlin Street.

History Almaty ZOO.

In January 1935, the Council of People's Commissars of the Kazakh SSR decided to immediately create a zoo in Almaty. The choice of a place for
the construction of the first zoo in the republic and its creation were made by an experienced hunter and an excellent connoisseur of Semirechye Murzakhan Tolebaev.
For the construction of the zoo, Tolebaev chose the eastern edge of the Gorky Park of Culture and Rest. The opinion of Tolebaev was supported by other members of the land commission and the leadership of the Government House. On February 19, by decision of the Almaty City Council, a land plot of 46 hectares was allocated for construction on the right bank of the Kazachka River, in a fruit garden. The allotted territory in terms of its relief made it possible to design it for its intended purpose without great expense.
In February 1937, Murzakhan Tolebaev published an article in the newspaper Socialist Asia about the opening of the zoo on June 1. But the discovery was postponed to a later date. Later, he secured the allocation of funds for the purchase of animals in the Moscow, Leningrad Zoos and Askania-Nova Nature Reserve.
The grand opening of the zoo took place on November 7, 1937. The first two days for visitors was organized free admission.

Collection Almaty ZOO.

The collection of the zoo as of 2006 included more than 400 species, about 5,000 copies. Of these, 28 species are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan and 71 species in the Red Book of IUCN, CIS.

Soviet years Almaty ZOO.

The zoo had 95 species of mammals, 150 species of birds, 80 species of fish, 17 species of reptiles, in total there were more than 2,000 animals. The zoo at that time had in its collection rare endangered animals listed in the Red Book, such as: Chinese alligator, tiger python, pheasant, curly pelican, parma kangaroo, Amur, Sumatran and Bengal tigers, snow leopard, black panther, jaguar, cheetah, polar bear, chimpanzee, horned goat, Indian elephant, black rhinoceros, etc., as well as those listed in the USSR Red Book: Tien Shan brown bear, striped hyena, Turkestan lynx, manul, Kazakhstan mountain sheep, bearded, pink pelican, black stork , flamingo, eagle -white tail, burial ground, steppe eagle, etc.

Inhabitants Almaty ZOO.

The inhabitants of the Almaty Zoo are located in seven sections: carnivorous mammals, ungulates, primates, birds of prey, exotic birds, exotarium, aquarium.

The pavilion “Marine Aquarium” is very popular among visitors to the Almaty Zoo. It exhibits numerous representatives of the aquatic fauna of our planet - fish, crustaceans, mollusks, amphibians
we are chimpanzees, white-headed and silver gibbons.