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Jambyl Region in Kazakhstan Republic.

Information Jambyl region.

Located in the south of Kazakhstan. Zhambyl region was formed in the autumn of 1939 and named after the poet Zhambyl Zhabayev, in many of whose works the friendship of Kazakhs with the Russian people was praised. From the desert of Betpak-Dala to the majestic Tien Shan, from the Karatau mountains to the picturesque Chuy valley, the area occupied by the Zhambyl region stretches.
The Betpak-Dala desert and the Moyynkum sands occupy the main part of the region and only in the southwest and southeast is the mountain range formed by Karatau, Shu-Ili and Kyrgyz Alatau. The ancient city of Taraz, which celebrated its two hundred thousandth day of foundation in 2000, is the administrative center of the region.

The nature of these places is amazing and varied, where deserts are replaced by mountains, on the territory of which streams and small rivers flow. Between the mountain slopes are immense plains and lowlands.
These places are rich in natural and architectural sights, among which there are man-made "pearls" and created by Mother Nature herself. Bright representatives of the historical heritage are the mausoleums: Karahan, erected in the city of Taraz in the 11th century; Babaja Hatun, whose construction date is the 12th century. Being a unique architectural monument, the mausoleum is distinguished by an umbrella dome, which has no analogues in Central Asian architecture.

Places to visit Jambyl region.

Oriental baths, which were active until the fifties of the last century, are currently architectural monuments. During their construction, heating systems of medieval baths were used in combination with the architectural style of those times. The building of the eastern bathhouse of Kali Yunos, now restored, was erected at the end of the 19th century.
One of the many fascinating places in Zhambyl oblast is the Koksai gorge with an adjacent canyon of the same name in the valley of the Zhualynsky plateau, the Berikkara tract, the Moyynkum dunes, the Andasaysky nature reserve, located on the right bank of the Shu River with a diverse world of wild animals and birds, founded in Karakunuz in 1971 , Shalsu-Taldyssu gorge with canyons, waterfalls, lakes and rivers.


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