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Bath of Kali Yunus in Taraz city Kazakhstan.

Bath of Kali Yunus.

One of the interesting sights of Taraz. The bath was built at the end of the XIX century. The date was set thanks to a stack of coins found near one of the bathtubs.
The building is a multi-domed burnt brick structure. During the construction, they used the heating system and the style of the oriental baths of the 11th-15th centuries. Wall thickness reaches 80 cm, height - 3 m, and under the dome - 5‒6 m. Rectangular slots are provided for lighting in the roof.

The rooms of the bathhouse were richly decorated, but over the years, almost nothing has been preserved. From the original elements, you can see the remains of the seats, part of the finishing of the foundation and bath.
In general, the building of the bathhouse was well preserved; only one of the eleven rooms had to be restored. Interestingly, the architectural monument was used for its intended purpose until the mid-1950s.

There are still many attractions in and around Taraz. Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe all of them in one article. Yes, and no words are enough to express the feelings that arise at the sight of centuries-old monuments.
Ancient Taraz arose more than two thousand years ago and was an outstanding city of our great ancestors. Our task is not to face the dirt and to preserve this heritage for future generations.


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