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Koktobe Almaty TV Tower in Kazakhstan.

Excursion to Kok-Tobe TV tower.

Koktobe TV Tower is a television and radio broadcasting tower in Almaty, Kazakhstan, built between 1975 and 1983. Commissioning: June 1, 1984. Order value: 600 million rubles.
The tower is the 2nd highest free-standing structure of Kazakhstan and the 41st world (at the time of commissioning - 9th in the world), as well as the 14th highest television tower in the world (at the time of commissioning - 4th in the world).
The tower is located below the top of Mount Kok-Tyube, southeast of the city center. Tower height: 371.5 m. Mast height for antennas: 114 m. Tower height above sea level: 1452 m (together with Mount Koktobe). Weight of the structure: 7 thousand tons. Earthquake Resistance: 10 points.

History Koktobe TV Tower.

In October 1984, a fire broke out on the tower: the feeders of the television transmitters were burning due to errors in calculating the distribution of radio emission power over the antenna panels.
As of January 1, 2011, two high-speed elevators were installed, one of which was put into operation. In the underground part, a bomb shelter is provided.
Designers did not provide an emergency evacuation system for visitors, as a result of which the observation deck, and the tower as a whole, are closed to tourists. Also, the restaurant premises are still empty.
Project Description
The tower was designed by architects Terziev, Savchenko, Akimov. The design of the KM stage was developed in the department of high-rise buildings TsNIIPSK im. Melnikov, under the leadership of B.V. Ostroumov, with the participation of Fundamentproekt (Moscow) and the Kazakhstan branch of TsNIIproektstalkonstruktsii.
The tower structures are made and mounted by the trusts Kazmontazhstroydetal and Kazstalmontazh of the Minmontazhspetsstroy of the Kazakh SSR.

The base of the tower is a reinforced concrete foundation in the form of a three-story sectional basement. The tower consists of a “trunk” and an antenna whatnot 124 meters high. The barrel of the tower is a metal stepped hexagon lined with panels of profiled aluminum. The diameter is 18.5 m at the base, 13 m and 9 m at the locations of maintenance services and viewing platforms at heights of 146 m and 252 m. Two elevators with a carrying capacity of 1000 kg each are placed in the trunk of the tower.
A manual hoist with a lifting capacity of 250 kg is installed in the antenna shelf.
On the second floor of the building to reduce the amplitudes of the resonant oscillations of the tower, four are developed at TsNIIPSK im. Melnikov two-mass dynamic vibration damper, weighing 10 tons each.

Reconstruction Koktobe TV Tower.

In March 2012, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the akimat of Alma-Ata signed an agreement on the reconstruction and modernization of the television tower and surrounding area, starting next year. The plan provides for the opening of the tower for tourists to visit.