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Koktobe TV Tower

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Kok-Tobe Mountain Tour

The Koktobe TV Tower is a complex of radio and television broadcasting stations in the city of Almaty. The TV tower was built in 1983 on Mount Kok-Tobe and is considered the tallest structure on earth. The height at which the Koktobe TV tower was built is 1000 meters above sea level, the height of the structure itself is 372 meters, in general, the height of the mountain and the tower itself is 1372 meters, this building is even higher than the tallest building in the United Arab Emirates.

Koktobe TV Tower – how to get there

The Koktobe TV tower is located in the city of Almaty on the Kok-Tobe mountain in the foothills at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. You can get to Kok-Tobe Mountain by cable car and admire the tower from the mountain, there is also a beautiful park and places to relax on the mountain, as well as a beautiful panorama of the city of Almaty opens here. GPS coordinates of the Koktobe Tower: 43°13'44"N 76°58'34"E

Koktobe TV Tower – tourist information

The height of the tower is 372 m, it has two high-speed elevators and a special lifting mechanism. The metal part of the mast is lined with 18.5 m profiled aluminum panels, some sides are separated by a stained glass window. At an altitude of 146 m there is a site for sightseeing of the city. At the moment, this site is closed to the public. At an altitude of 252 m, there is a department of the Technical Supervision Service for antenna-feeder systems. The tower ends with a sectional metal antenna shelf 114 m high . Each section has antennas for television and radio broadcasting. It broadcasts via antennas within a radius of 80-190 km on 5 TV channels and 4 radio channels. On the ground floor of the house for maintenance there are broadcasting stations, offices equipped with communication devices and controls. The Koktobe TV tower is a strategic object, and is under protection, access to the territory of the TV tower to the technical premises of the TV tower is prohibited.

Koktobe TV Tower


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