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Atyrau city in Atyrau region Kazakhstan Republic.

Atyrau is the administrative center of the Atyrau region. The city is better known to the general public as the "oil capital" of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was here that for the first time in the territory of modern Kazakhstan in the 17th century, the first oil deposits began to be developed. Then, by the name of the founder, the city received the name Guryev (until 1991)
Atyrau is a city that stands right on the border of Europe with Asia. This symbolic border passed over the bridge over the Ural River for many years. And although geographers today dispute this division, the townspeople are still proud of their privileged position as residents of two continents. And city guests, of course, are in a hurry to take pictures at the memorial sign.

Interesting facts Atyrau city.

• The largest oil refinery in the country is located on the territory of the city, it is called Atyrau. Its capacity is more than 5 million tons of oil per year, which is 1/3 of the total “black gold” mined in the country.
• 80 km from the city there is a giant Kashagan field, which is the world's largest oil field at sea. Kashagan's geological reserves are estimated at 6.4 billion tons of oil. With Kashagan, Kazakhstan plans to enter the TOP 5 world oil producers.
• Few people know that the famous film director and producer Timur Bekmambetov was born and raised in Atyrau

In Atyrau there are many parks, museums, theaters and a large number of other attractions that attract visitors to the city and delight local residents with its beauty. Only a few of them are in this list:

Museum of Local History in Atyrau.

The Regional Museum of Local History in Atyrau stores priceless exhibits, having met with which, visitors to the museum will be able to expand their historical knowledge, learn a lot about the culture and life of the peoples living in the Kazakh lands, their history and development. In the halls of the museum you will see a yurt with all household attributes, a thirteenth-century jug with a unique inscription, the famous "golden man" and many other interesting exhibits.

Museum Sarieva Atyrau.

Atyrau Regional Museum of Art and Applied Arts Shaimardan Sariev keeps in his funds works of painting by prominent artists of the city and region, including young and promising ones. In addition, in the halls of the museum there are many works of applied masters, among which are the talented children of the city of Atyrau.

Imangali Mosque Atyrau.

Imangali Mosque is a modern religious building of enormous size. The snow-white building with a blue dome and two minarets organically blended against the backdrop of ultra-modern office buildings made of glass and concrete. The mosque truly transformed the city and became its decoration.

Assumption Cathedral Atyrau.

Assumption Cathedral in Atyrau - a monument of the nineteenth century. It was built at the personal expense of the Tudakov merchant family in 1885. In the Soviet period, the cathedral was abandoned. In 2000, the Akimat of the Atyrau region completed the restoration of the Assumption Cathedral, and parishioners heard the first bell ringing.

Pedestrian bridge "10 years of independence" Atyrau.

In 2001, a pedestrian bridge over the Ural River was built in Atyrau. The unique design of the bridge is designed in such a way that its supports do not interfere with navigation, and also do not prevent sturgeons from freely spawning. This is the only footbridge that is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as "The Longest Footbridge in the World."

Cretaceous outcrops Atyrau.

Cretaceous outcrops Akkeregeshin and Aktolagai attract the attention of not only geologists and paleontologists, but also people who are looking for meetings with unusual manifestations of nature, mysterious caves, bizarre snow-white cliffs and just love hiking adventures. Walking in these quiet places, far from the usual civilized world, you can easily find fragments of fossilized ancient animals, and if you're lucky - even a black shark tooth or, say, a dinosaur spine.

The ancient settlement Saraishyk Atyrau.

The ancient settlement Saraishyk is an invaluable asset of the Kazakh people and an ancient archaeological site. Scientists attribute the foundation of Sarayshyk to the twelfth century - the time of the invasion of Genghis Khan and Batu Khan. The town was founded on the site of the more ancient settlement of Saksin, dating from the tenth century. Saraishyk at one time was a flourishing city with developed trade and arts and crafts. He was one of the important centers of the Altyn Horde. Today, on the site of the ancient settlement, a memorial and historical complex has been erected, which includes a museum with archaeological finds, a mosque and Khan's pantheons.


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