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Atyrau city museum.

Atyrau Regional Museum of Local Lore is a cultural and educational institution. It was created in 1938. The museum fund has more than 30,000 material and spiritual exhibits, including historical and cultural heritage in the units of its region (Issatay, Kurmangazy, Kyzylkoga, Inder district centers and the village of Saraishyk). The museum exhibits cover the rich history of the Atyrau region, from the Paleolithic to the present day. Among them are coins, ceramics, baths, mosques and workshops found in Saraishyk, the largest cultural and commercial center of the Golden Horde era. 1996 - 97 Research conducted by the Institute of Archeology. Z. Samashev, replenished the museum’s collection with valuable information about the political, economic and cultural life of the Golden Horde. The museum stores documents, weapons and art objects associated with popular uprisings led by Isatai Makhambet. Sections devoted to the cultural life of the Atyrau region include information about kuishi, composer Kurmangazy, his teachers and students, folk art and silver jewelry.

History Atyrau regional city museum.

Yakupov, who was the director of the museum, was the first to discover (1939-1940). The museum was moved to a suitable new building in 1999. The museum has more than 50,000 exhibits, providing valuable information about minerals, mineralogy, paleontology, archeology, ethnography, flora and fauna of the region from year to year. The value of a museum is determined by its wealth. As the great sage Abu Nasr al-Farabi said, it’s hard to know the past without knowing the history and future. Let's just take a look at the history of our relics. Over the past years, the museum has collected many exhibits that are directly related to outstanding Kazakh masters of art. It is worth mentioning the weapons that were owned by Kurmangazy Sagyrbaevich, the grandfather of Kui, that is, a hunting rifle made in 1849. It was handed over to the famous kihui artist and people's artist of Karshi by Akhmedyarov’s brother, Kyrgyz Akhmediyarov. The dombra of Kui’s mother, Dina Nurpeisova, will be transferred to the dombra of the Academic Orchestra named after Kurmangazy, People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tuyak Shamil. The current mayor of Astana I.N. During his official visit to the museum, Tasmagambetov (during his secretary of state) presented a gold coin with the Arabic inscription “Allah Mohamad Allah” on both sides, a silver pistol used by the Mamluks made in Cairo at the beginning of the 16th century, and objects from the tomb of the Sultan .

Researchers of the museum went on a regional expedition to collect, research and compile history, collect and study the heritage of their ancestors. The museum is not only a research center, but also the only historical venue for cultural and educational events. Meetings on various topics, historical and educational lessons and thematic exhibitions have become traditional.


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