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Cathedral of Assumption in Atyrau city.

The Assumption Cathedral in Atyrau (Guryev) was built at the expense of the merchant F. Tudakov and his wife, who invested a lot of effort and money in the construction. Construction lasted about 10 years and in 1885 the Assumption Cathedral opened the doors for parishioners. At that time, about 6,000 people lived in the Yayitsky town (the old name Atyrau (Guryev).

History Assumption Cathedral Atyrau.

In the post-revolutionary years, the temple was closed by the Soviet government. With the formation of the Ural diocese and the appointment of the ruling bishop, the temple was subsequently given the status of the second Cathedral. Until 2000, restoration work was not carried out in the Cathedral and, by order of the oblast akim I.N. Tasmagambetova Cathedral has been completely restored. In November 2000, in the Assumption Cathedral, citizens heard the ringing of bells for the first time after 80-odd years.

The cathedral is built of burnt stone, the temple is 45 meters long, 14 meters wide, and its highest mark is 34 meters.


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