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Atyrau Drama Theater of Makhambet Utemisov.

The Atyrau Regional Drama Theater, also known as the Atyrau Regional Kazakh Drama Theater named after Makhambet Utemisov, is one of the oldest theaters in Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1938.

The theater was opened by M. Auezov’s performance “Night Motive”, then “Abay”, “Karagoz”, “Karakipshak Koblandy”, “Enlik-Kebek”, “Ayman-Sholpan”. Trenev’s plays were staged: “Spring Love” and “Shakespeare's Assau-prema”. “Wedding at the Robin” by Aleksandrov, “Arshin Kalkan” by Hajibeyov, VB The optimistic tragedy of Vishnevsky edited by K.M. Simonov's “Russian Problems,” Nazim Hikmet's “Missing Real Men.” All of the above performances can be attributed to the significant success of the theater. From the national drama: “Goats Korpesh-Bayan Sulu” by G. Musrepov, “Amangeldy” co-authored with B. Mailin, “S. B. “Adjar and Death” by S. Zhunusov, “Unexpected meeting” by T. Akhtanov, “Beu, girls-ay!” K. Shantitbaev and K. Bayseitova, “Aksakal an-aman”, “Makhambet” G. Slanova, “Aitmatov” based on the story Ana-Ger Ana, The Stars of Our Home by S. Adambekov and others. The plays firmly occupy a place in the theater’s repertoire.

In 1957, the theater became the winner of the "Theater Spring" competition (Almaty). In 1969, the theater was named after Makhambet Utemisov. Due to half a century of creative history, the theater team has produced such plays as “Transparent Love” by S. Mukanova. “Double Arrow” by Volodin, O. ”Korkyt” B. Budykov Sarsenbayev’s play “Love for the Sea”. The theater took part in the Egyptian international festival with the performance "Wounded Tiger". Tolekov, A. Akhmetova, Yu. Manapova, Z. Suleimenova, I. Imankulov, K. Imangalieva made a great contribution to the formation of the theater.


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