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Monument of Glory in Almaty.

Excursion to Monument of Glory in Almaty city.

It was 44 years ago, on May 8, 1975, in Almaty, in the park named after 28 Panfilov heroes, the Glory Memorial was opened. The architects of this memorial are Kazakhstanis - Tuleu Bassenov, Rustem Seydalin, Vladimir Kim. Belarusian sculptors Viktor Andryushchenko and Anatoly Artimovich. The Glory Memorial was erected in honor of the Kazakh soldiers who courageously defended Moscow in the Great World War.

Information Monument of Glory in Almaty city

Panfilov's army were formed in Almaty and Kyrgyzstan. They were called the 316th Infantry Division. Later they were called the 8th guard led by the famous warrior Ivan Panfilov. Of this division, 28 soldiers received the highest rank. Among the fighters were Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Russians and Ukrainians.

According to widespread reports, in 1941 Panfilov waged a war for 4 hours, led by Vasily Klochkov and foreign invaders from Germany. As a result of this division, 18 German tanks were destroyed. The incident occurred in the Dubosekovsky district. There is also a memorial in honor of 28 Panfilov fighters who fought against the German invasion. In addition to the Second World War, there is also a monument and a wall dedicated to the First World War and the war in Afghanistan.

In 2013, the memorial was repaired for the first time. "The eternal flame burns for 364 days in year.