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Drama theatre of Mukhtar Auezov in Almaty

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Theater named Auezov with the full name of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M.O. Auezov is located on Kurmangazy Street in Almaty, Kazakhstan, near the Yesentai River. It has a large 1000-seat hall and an experimental theater with 250 seats. The exterior and interior of the building are designed with the right lines, on which the surfaces are decorated in a traditional style. A series of identical columns emphasizes the main facade and makes it solemn and grandiose unlike other buildings around it. The monument to Mukhtar Auezov, erected in 1980 and located in front of the theater, shows the figure of Auezov, sitting in an armchair, as if immersed in his thoughts, who was a prose writer and best known for his book The Way of Abay. The theater is located next to the city Circus and the Wedding Palace, forming a picturesque place in the city. The performances of the theater are made in classical and modern styles in the Kazakh language, which provides for translation into Russian. The theater operates year-round; performances begin around 18:30. The metro station is also located opposite the theater, which allows you to get to the place using the metro.

History of the Auezov Theater.

It was created in late 1925 in the city of Kyzylorda, which at its opening was the capital of the Kazakh SSR. The theater opened on January 13, 1926 with the performance “Sakina Altyn” (The Golden Ring). Kemengerova’s cat staged Serali Kozhamkulova and a big concert. In 1928, after the capital was transferred to Alma-Ata, the theater was also transferred to the new capital. In 1937, the theater was awarded the title of Academic Building, and since 1961, with the death tribune of Auezov, the theater was named the M.O. Drama Theater. Auezov. Writers worked on the creation of the first play; Auezov, Seyfullin, Milin. In the early years of staged performances, reflecting the establishment of Soviet power, several plays were created, as well as performances about life in the old village, about the pre-revolutionary life of the Kazakh people.

From 1963 to 1982, the theater was located in a new building with 800 seats on the main square of the Comintern, opposite the A. Imanov park, located on Kommunisticheskaya street, now Abylaykhan street. In 1982, the theater was moved to its current and permanent place. The theater solemnly moved to a new magnificent building in the center of Almaty. The theater was fully equipped with all necessary and the most modern amenities. The theater had two rooms, a large hall with 756 seats and a small small room with 276 seats. The most significant plays from the end of World War II until the 1980s were Friendship and Love, Career and Conscience by Abishev, Millionaire by Mustafin, Yesterday and Today, Tough Fate by Khusainov, One Tree - Not a Forest "Tazhibaeva, etc. In 2006, the theater was closed for reconstruction. Installed modern lighting, sound equipment, air conditioning and heating. The restoration lasted almost three years, during which the theater reopened its doors in December 2008.

Auezov Theater


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