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Dossor village

Tour from Almaty to Dossor village

Dossor is a village in the Makatsky district of Atyrau region, a railway station and the center of the region. The regional center is located 28 km west of the village of Makat, in the desert belt in the eastern part of the Caspian depression, on the outskirts of Dossor.

History Dossor village

The village of Dossor was founded in 1911 as a base for the development of the first oil fields. found in the Ural-Dzhemsky region. In Dossor in 1911, more and more houses were being built. The Uralsk-Caspian company carried out construction work in the north of the current settlement, in the north-west for such companies as the Nobel, Friendship of subsidiaries in the south and Emba-Caspian in the east. At enterprises and the village, the number of workers began to increase; later they were renamed the Kazakh village. All the buildings in the village were built of brick. The expansion of Dossor was facilitated by the construction of the Guryev narrow-gauge railway (now Atyrau) Dossor in 1926 and the Guryev-Kandyagash broad-gauge railway, built in 1940.

Information Dossor village

The village of Dossor includes one of the largest oil producing centers at the Embamunaigas field, the Dossormunai oil field, a car repair plant, the mechanical workshop of the Atyrau oil exploration expedition, construction and installation management of Embamunaigas, road construction and housing and communal enterprises. There is a school and a boarding school, an elementary school, a vocational school, a music school, a hospital, a club and a recreation center. Residents will communicate with other settlements through highways and railways that pass between objects.

Dossor village


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