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Inderbor village, Inder - Atyrau region.

Excursion to Inderbor village.

Inderbor village in Inder district, Inder district of Atyrau region, center of Inder district and village. Inderbor is located on the left bank of the Ural River, 9 km northwest of Lake Inder and 190 km north of the city of Atyrau.

History Inderbor village.

The settlement was laid (built) in 1935 in connection with the development of deposits of borates and salts in the village of Inder.

Information Inderbor village.

The main enterprise of the joint-stock company Inkurylysstroyn is a producer of boron ore and drywall. In addition, the Central Asian Gas Pipeline Association “Zhaiktransgaz”, a salt production company, a printing house, the road construction company DSU-38 and a central heating system operate. The Makat Inder railway was launched. A new bridge was also built on the Ural River.

Population Inderbor village.

Population 12929 (2009).


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