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Inder Lake

Trip to Inder lake from Atyrau city

Inder (Tuzdykol, Inderbor), a salt lake, a landmark of the Atyrau region

Inder or Inderbor salt lake, the most beautiful place in Kazakhstan, is a favorite place for tourists, the lake is also known for its healing qualities and mud baths. Salt water and therapeutic mud eliminate various kinds of diseases. The depth of the lake is very small, the maximum depth is 50 centimeters. The lake is very similar to the Solar de Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia. Here, just as in Bolivia, the water lies in the open steppe at a great distance, clouds and the sky are reflected in the water of Lake Inder.

Inder lake[b/] – [b]how to get there

Inder Lake is located in the Atyrau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. From the city of Atyrau to the lake, the distance is 180 kilometers, regular buses go to the lake. The main landmark here is the Upal River, the distance from the lake to the river is 10 kilometers. It is also very easy to get to the lake by taxi from the city of Atyrau. The lake also has the second name Tuzdykol, as it is called by the locals who live in the immediate vicinity of Lake Inder.

Inder lake (Inderbor)information for the tourist

The most favorable time to visit Lake Inder is July or August, it gets very hot here and you can take mud baths, you can also visit the lake in late spring and early summer, it all depends on how convenient it is for you. The best time to visit the lake in summer is before 11 am and after 7 pm, as it gets very hot on the lake during lunch time. When visiting the lake, you must have a hat on your head, glasses, special slippers for water, and drinking water. Here it is necessary to observe the safety precautions of being in the sun, not to overheat in the sun.

Inder salt lakeminerals and medicinal properties

Rivers do not flow into Lake Inder, the lake is fed by rainwater and a small stream that flows into the lake. The mud in Lake Inderbor has a beneficial effect on the human body, helps with joint pain, bronchitis and gynecological diseases. The water in the lake contains high quality salts, the lake contains minerals such as potassium, bromine, boron, these minerals are deposited in the deposits of healing mud. The thickness of such deposits is 10-15 meters. Also in the lake there is a mineral or crystal (inderite) inderite, which has a beneficial effect on the energy chakras of a person. According to local beliefs, the lake is visited by women who cannot conceive a child.

Inder salt lake


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