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Kapchagay city Almaty region.

Excursion from Almaty to Kapchagay.

The city of Kapchagay (Kapshagay) is considered one of the most tourist in Kazakhstan. People come here to relax on the shore of the reservoir, go fishing and enjoy the nature. We will tell you what else you can see in the city and what sights you should familiarize yourself with.

Kapchagay is located near the city of Almaty.

Initially, the area was called Iliysk - after the name of the Ili River. The Cossack settlement was located here.
Then it was decided to create an artificial reservoir to unload the river. After the pond was dug, the settlement of Iliysk flooded. So there was a new town called Novoilisk, which was then renamed Kapchagay.
There are two popular versions about the name Kapchagay. One of them suggests that the city was named after the commander Kaptagai, who wanted to cross the Ili River, blocking it with bags full of sand. Another version says that the name comes from the ancient Türkic word “kapchagay”, which translates as тес stone gorge ’.
In 1969, it was decided to build a large power station in Kapchagai. After its construction began to equip the city. Initially, thousands of young people took part in the construction, among whom were narrow specialists. So in the city appeared houses, factories, factories.

History Kapchagay.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kapchagai was renamed Kapshagai, but the new name is rarely used.
The recreation area in Kapchagai is an excellent option for those who want to get vivid impressions. You should come here at least for a couple of days, because there is everything for excellent relaxation:
The main attraction of Kapchagai is nature
The modern city is a recreation area. On the shore of the Kapchay reservoir, tourists live for almost a year.
They come here in summer due to sandy beaches and clear turquoise water, and in winter to go fishing and breathe in the frosty air. On the shore of the reservoir there are many hotels and pensions, as well as cafes, places for recreation and entertainment with children.
If you are tired of splashing around in the reservoir and the soul requires extreme sports, go to the water park. Here you can ride a roller coaster, swim in the pools, admire the artificial waterfalls.

What to do in Kapchagay.

They go to Kapshagai not only for relaxation, but also for entertainment, as a large game zone is open in the city where everyone can try their luck. Kapchagai, whose casinos are sufficiently developed, is a great alternative for those who cannot go to Las Vegas.
Those who are indifferent to fishing and games can go climbing. The cliffs of Tamgaly-Tas are perfect for those who want to try their hand at a new hobby. True, for this you will have to leave Kapchagay and head towards Bakanas.
If you are not keen on climbing, but love ancient riddles, go to Tamgaly-Tas to see Buddha images, people and animals on the stones. Access to them is free. It is believed that the Great Silk Road passed near the rocks.
It is assumed that the drawings were painted on the rocks in the X century by the monks who depicted the Buddha in gratitude for the fact that he saved them from death.
On the rocks there were initially five images: the Enlightened Buddha, the Unflappable Buddha, the Four-armed Buddha, the God of healing and the King of space. It is noteworthy that the last image is almost destroyed, and this is an unkind sign, since in the Buddhist mythology the King of space protects the sacred places.
Many people think that stones with Buddha images are healing. Everyone can touch them. Rocks are able to cure almost any disease and charge a person with tremendous energy. Try it yourself - just put your hand on the stone.
If you are near the rocks, look into the decorative fortress. This is not a historical place: it was built for the filming of the film “Nomad”.
The fortress is made so skillfully that it is difficult to believe in its "youth" - it seems that you have an ancient temple. Later on, several more films were shot on the territory, including the popular “Day Watch”.
Now the fortress is open to visitors. Various festivals and fairs are also held here.

Kapchagay landmarks

Holidays on Kapchagai are beautiful, but it is worth joining the culture. Take a walk through the streets of the city and visit several attractions. We will tell you more about them.
So, if you are in the city, admire:

The obelisk of World War II Kapchagay.

This is a rather massive monument, which is located in the park on Raimbek Avenue.
The obelisk was erected in 1976, and since then anyone can enjoy it. The monument is quite massive: its height is about 9 meters.
The obelisk is carved with the names of those who gave their lives for victory. Their peace is guarded by a soldier in a helmet.

Monument to D. A. Kunaev Kapchagay.

Dinmukhamed Akhmedovich Kunaev is a well-known statesman who managed to bring the economy and industry of Kazakhstan to the proper level. In memory of his outstanding merits, a monument was erected on Bogenbai Batyr Street.
Sculptors T. S. Dosmagambetov and A. B. Tatarinov depicted a full-time politician, clearly conveying the figure and facial features of Kunaev in stone.

Culture House Kapchagay.

Kapchagay is a small city, so there are no special attractions here. However, the House of Culture is still worth a visit.
Externally, the building is not remarkable, but in front of it is a small historical monument reminiscent of the past of Kapchagai.
There is an old cinema in the House of Culture itself, so fans of nostalgia can watch a movie here.
Kapshagay is a city with its own history, so you should not forget about cultural values. Coming here, take time not only to relax, but also to visit local attractions.