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Konaev city (Kapshagai), Almaty region

Excursion to the beaches of the Kapshagai reservoir

Travel from Almaty to Konaev

The city of Konaev is located 70 km from the city of Almaty. The old name of the city of Konaev, the city of Kapshagai. The creation of the city is closely connected with the construction of the Kapshagai dam on the Ili River. After the construction of the dam, an artificial reservoir was formed, which is called Kapshagai. On July 9, 1970, this place was classified as a city of regional subordination, and the city was given the name Kapchagai. The name "Kapchagai" in Kazakh means "narrow gorge" or "narrow land".

Konaev city – how to get there

The city of Konaev is located in the Almaty region near the Kapshagai reservoir. The distance from Almaty to Konaev is 70 kilometers. You can get here by taxi or use the services of tour companies. GPS coordinates of the city of Konaev 43°53'0"N 77°5'0"E

Konaev city – information for tourists

Near the city of Konaev there are many casinos built along the Almaty – Konaev highway. If you are a gambling person, then you will find a place here to spend time gambling and relax. The city of Konaev is famous for the fact that there is an artificial Kapshagai reservoir near the city, there are many bases and places for recreation on the shores of the reservoir, here you can sunbathe and swim, rent a boat and also spend time and relax, there are many restaurants of different classes where you can eat on the shores of the reservoir.

Konaev city – history

At the very beginning, the city of Konaev had the name Novoiliysk, it got this name because of the Ili River on which a dam was built in Soviet times to generate electricity. In 1970, the city of Novoiliysk was renamed the city of Kapchagai. On May 3, 2022, the city of Kapshagai was renamed the city of Kunayev in honor of the memory of Dinmukhammedea Kunayev, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan, who was the head of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic from 1960 to 1986.

Konaev City (Kapshagai)


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