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Aktau city - Kazakhstan.

City tour Aktau.

The city of Aktau was founded in 1961, the former name is the city of Shevchenko, Guryev.

Aktau is a beautiful city on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Also, the city is the administrative center of the Mangistau region. This city did not exist until 1963, when wide and straight streets, cultural institutions, desalination plants, gardens and parks suddenly appeared here. This "miracle" occurred after uranium deposits were found nearby. Thanks to its sandy beaches, this city also developed as a closed resort for the "Soviet elite".

Information Aktau city.

Akatu is the center of the oil and gas industry and the port city of Kazakhstan.
There are no streets in Aktau. Rather, they are, many of them have no names, even those that have a name are not used to indicate the address. The city consists entirely of 36 micro districts. They have numbers from 1st to 32th. Some rooms are not (from 18 to 20). The numbers of micro districts sometimes reflect the time of their construction, although the oldest is the 3rd, a bit later the 1st, 2nd and 3rd-A appeared. There are micro districts that have their own names, for example, the Samal micro district.

Aktau does not have natural sources of drinking water, the city is fully provided with recycled sea water: fresh water is produced from a highly mineralized natural source by diluting it with distillate produced from sea water in industrial multi-body evaporator units (“Samovara”). Water is divided into drinking and technical - hot and cold
There are many parks, museums, theaters and other attractions in Aktau that attract visitors to the city and delight locals with their beauty.

Lighthouse Aktau.

Attraction Aktau is a lighthouse located on the roof of a residential building, which is located in the fourth district. This is the only lighthouse in the European part of land, which is located on a residential building.

Mount Sherkala.

Those who really wanted to know the edge of Mangistau must have visited the magnificent mountain canyons crowned by the beautiful Sherkala. Some argue that it resembles a bowl, which turned satiated traveler. Others claim that the mountain looks like a yurt on the one hand, and on the other hand, like a hiding beast.

The Valley of the Balls.

For many kilometers the plain, and then on you - stone balls, like peas, are scattered throughout the valley. Where did they fall or who rolled these stone balls on the Mangyshlak Peninsula? The overseas giant Atlant or the brave batyr of Yersary Baba fired from a cannon, and the stone cores fell to the ground, forming the Valley of Balls? For 250 years, scientists have been racking their brains, plunging into speculations, but have not yet come to a consensus. One thing is clear that these stone balls, or, as they are also called, stone nodules, are rounded mineral formations, filled with some special energy studied by learned men.

Ustyurt Plateau Aktau.

Former bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean. Here, once the sea was raging, traces of which in the form of petrified marine inhabitants are found to this day. Canyons and cliffs of Ustyurt represent a picturesque landscape. The Ustyurt Plateau attracts many tourists who want to personally walk through the unusual and fantastic places of Ustyurt.

Lake Saura Aktau.

For many kilometers, the deserted desert, and here the trunks of centuries-old green willows, under the influence of time, twisted and twisted like roots. Dense thickets of rakita, which is popularly called the Kazakhstan lilac, accompany the traveler throughout the gorge. And the mint ... Its pleasant aroma in the travelers' tea is excited by the thin trickles of memories. Having overcome the distance along a winding path, the traveler is rewarded with an amazing sight - the contemplation of one of the wonders of the stingy Mangistau nature - Lake Saura.
On three sides this lake is surrounded by sheer spherical stone walls, like a half of a huge bowl about fifty meters high. Saura Gorge beckons with its mystery. Swamp turtles are found here. The marsh old women huddle, content with the watery expanses of a small lake and not intending to be friends with desert turtles.
All people are looking for soul mates in their lives. Old-timers in Mangistau know that there is a second half at Lake Saura - a twin lake, which is located five hundred meters from the Saura gorge. Passing a small hill, lovers of new roads and experiences can admire the second part of the broken bowl.

Monument "Ship" Aktau.

In the center of Aktau, next to the city akimat, where Grandfather Lenin used to show the light path, a new monument appeared: a bronze copy of the caravel “Santa Maria” by Christopher Columbus. The people called the new monument a “ship”. Now he is a symbol, a visiting card of the sea capital of Kazakhstan.
“Ship” is really good. With all the ship's attributes, there is an anchor and the inscription “Aktau” on board, five sails. On the largest sail - the sun of Yarilo, on the rest - gulls, stars, comets. On a slanting sail - the beauty of the Aktau coast - swans.