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Boszhira valley

Sights of the Boszhira tract

Journey from Aktau to the Boszhira plateau

Bosjira is a beautiful desert tract, once in ancient times the ancient Tethys Ocean splashed here. The desert area and the Bosjira mountain range attracts travelers with its central location on the continent of Eurasia, the Bosjira tract can be considered the center of the world. There are several panoramic points from where a beautiful view of the tract opens, you can also go down to the tract itself and set up a base camp here, stop for the night.

Boszhira tracthow to get there

The Boszhira tract is located on the Ustyurt plateau in the Ustyurt Nature Reserve in the Mangystau region, Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of Boszhira tract: N43°27'10.03" E54°05'11.22"

Boszhira tractinformation for tourists

There is no tourist infrastructure in the Boszhira tract, there are no hotels and guest houses here yet, so we take with us all the necessary equipment for the installation of the base camp. Traveling through the tract is possible only by 4x4 jeeps, consisting of at least two cars, the roads here are all country and dusty. We recommend traveling near the Boszhira tract in spring and early summer, the nature of the region is in full bloom at this moment, in July and August it is very hot here and the area completely burns out and turns into a chalky white valley.

Boszhira tract

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