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Torysh valley and stone pearls of Mangystau

Ifrormation for tourists about Valley of Balls - Torysh

One of the unique natural places of Kazakhstan is the Valley of Balls, located in the tract Torysh. This place is famous for thousands of randomly arranged round stone formations, or spherical nodules. Сoncretio - fusion, thickening. These are constrictions, rounded mineral formations in sedimentary rocks. The centers of such contraction can be grains of minerals, shells, teeth and bones of fish, and the remains of plants.

Information about Spherical Stones Mangistau region

The reason for the formation of spherical nodules is the subject of research by scientists. For 250 years, geologists have been trying to unravel what processes have affected the emergence of spherical formations. But a clear answer has not yet been reached. Balls, according to scientists, formed about 120-180 million years ago during the Mesozoic. The largest of them reach a diameter of up to 4 m. Then, on the site of the Mangystau region, the Tethys Ocean was located, in which there were favorable conditions for the reproduction of plankton. The accumulations of these organisms became the basis for spherical nodules, the size of which increased over time. Over the years, seawater receded. As a result, such petrified spherical nodules were on land.

Hypotheses of the origin of these stone formations

Today, there are several hypotheses of the origin of these stone formations. Mystics speak of a legend according to which unusual stone formations are enemies that turned into stone, who once tried to capture this land. Proponents of space theory believe that ball nodules in the Torysh tract are fragments of ancient meteorites flying over our region. The study of globular nodules is carried out by the Aktau geologist-geophysicist Gennady Tarasenko. He put forward his theory of their origin.

- The appearance of "balls" is associated with electric discharges in the earth's crust and mantle, in zones of active tectonic faults. Real underground thunderstorms with lightning tens of kilometers long occur along them. At the end of linear lightning, rotating ball lightning occurs. They are the cause of the formation of contractions of various suspensions, for example, silty deposits of the ocean. Magnetized nuclei attracted dead organisms that were pressed for centuries, resulting in nodules, ”said Gennady Tarasenko.

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