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Balkhash city in Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

City tour in Balkhash city.

Balkhash is a city on the coast of Balkhash. One of the largest cities on the shores of Lake Balkhash is Balkhash. The city is located 380 km from the city of Karaganda in the Beretsky Gulf. The population is 75.6 thousand people.

History Balkhash city.

It was founded in 1931 as the village of Pribalkhashstroy. The city was founded in 1937 on the basis of the village of Pribalkhashstroy.
12 km north of Lake Balkhash in connection with the construction of the Konyratsky copper deposit and the largest smelter based on Karaganda coal. In 1967, Balkhash copper was recognized as the international copper standard at the London International Exhibition.

Tourism in Balkhash city.

The recreational potential of the lake and the surrounding natural monuments (Bektau-Ata gorge, grove forests) makes it an indispensable place for tourists. Popular types of tourism on the shores of Lake Balkhash are beach tourism, water sports: sailing, kayaking and canoeing, sport fishing. More than 4 thousand people a year rest on the shores of Lake Balkhash. For tourists 9 recreation areas will be created for large enterprises of the region and individual entrepreneurs. On the western shore of the lake passes the highway Almaty-Yekaterinburg of international and national importance. One of the natural monuments in the region is the Bektau-Ata mountain range. The top of the mountain Bektau-Ata reaches 1000 meters. The size of the Bektau-Ata mountain range is 4000 hectares, but in its area there are various gorges and canyons. There are about a hundred plant species, of which 45 are rare and 8 are listed in the Red Book. In Mount Bektauata there is also a cave "Auli" with holy salt water. The Bektau-Ata mountain range is a unique creation of the natural world, which attracts tourists.

Population Balkhash city.

The population of Balkhash on January 1, 2007 amounted to 73.7 thousand people. The city administration has 4 villages. According to the settlement, from the beginning of 2007 in the city 56.8% of the population lives in Kazakhs, 33.5% Russians, 1.9% Germans, 1.5% Tatars, 2.2% Ukrainians, 0.4% Belarusians, 1, 6% are Koreans, 2.1% are from other nationalities.
For 2006, general factors per 1000 inhabitants: fertility - 18.53, mortality - 14.36, natural increase - 4.17.

Economy of Balkhash city.

Balkhash is one of the most important non-ferrous metallurgy centers in the country. He manages Balkhashmys JSC, a copper-colored rolling mill, and a chemical industry that produces sulfuric sodium and sulfuric acid from production gases, and its products are exported to a number of foreign countries. At the London International Exhibition, Balkhash copper was recognized as the world standard for pure copper (1967). The Balkhash smelter was acquired by the South Korean company Samsung in February 1997 and brought the project to production facilities for 6 months. It produces 11.5 thousand tons of refined copper per month. The annual capacity is 100 thousand tons.
In 2007, 414 business entities were registered in the city, including 4 large, 45 medium and 365 small enterprises. The main economic areas:

Non-ferrous metallurgy of Balkhash city.

• energy;
The main enterprises of the city of Balkhash.
• Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Su Gilu Trans" under the akim of Balkhash
The main types of products:
• electric and thermal energy;
• non-ferrous metal production;
The list of the number of employees of large and medium-sized enterprises of the city, in 2006 amounted to 20,877 people, the average nominal wage - 31,683 tenge. The volume of industrial production for 2006 (excluding households) is 216,083.4 million UAH. dollar. According to annual data, in 2006, investments in fixed assets amounted to 5005.3 million UAH. or 117.7% of the 2005 volume. The volume of contract work performed in-house by enterprises in 2006 amounted to 1978.6 million Tenge. or 134.0% of the 2005 volume. The volume of retail trade turnover (excluding catering services) in 2006 increased by 3829.2 million Tenge. The volume of paid services (without government services) - 887.8 million. UAH. tenge.

Agriculture in Balkhash city.

In 2006, most of the agricultural products were produced by crop production.
Availability of agricultural producers as of July 1, 2006: 1 agricultural enterprise, 1 operating farm, 3.6 thousand personal subsidiary farms. In the region of 0.3 thousand hectares of agricultural land, of which 0.1 thousand hectares - arable land is used for agricultural production.
The sown area of crops on the eve of the 2009 harvest was 0.3 thousand ha: potatoes - 0.1 thousand ha, vegetables - 0.2 thousand ha.
In 2006 - 1.8 thousand tons of potatoes, 3.6 thousand tons of vegetables, 0.06 thousand tons of meat (in live weight), 1.8 thousand tons of milk; 445.2 thousand pieces of eggs.
The number of cattle as of January 1, 2007 amounted to 2.3 thousand heads; Sheep and goats - 3.1 thousand heads; Pigs - 0.3 thousand heads; Horses - 42 heads; Birds - 5,4 thousand heads *

Education in Balkhash city.

At the beginning of the 2006/2007 school year in the city
• 21 day secondary school - 12456 students,
• 1 evening comprehensive school - 200 students
• in 4 colleges - 2736 students,
• in 2 vocational schools - 1195 students,
• 1 higher educational institution - 2595 students.
In the town
9 libraries
• 5 club type establishments,
• 1 museum.

The city has a local history museum, 2 sports complexes, a swimming pool, the Kazakh Research Institute of Fisheries, the Mining and Metallurgical College, pedagogical and medical schools, the general technical faculty of the Karaganda Polytechnic University, a music school, a school for 20 and a half years, there are 2 national theaters , video studio, etc. Culture, healthcare facilities.

Transport in Balkhash city.

Balkhash is a major crossroads. Air, rail and automobile roads connect the city with Astana, Almaty, Karaganda, Taraz, Shymkent, with Moscow and Central Asia.