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Balkhash city

Sightseeing tour of the city of Balkhash

Travel from Almaty to Balkhash

Balkhash-the city was founded in 1937 on the basis of the village of Pribalkhashstroy. The construction of the city began in connection with the construction of a large copper smelter based on the Konyrat copper deposit and Karaganda coal, 12 km north of Lake Balkhash. In 1967, at the London International Exhibition, Balkhash copper was recognized as the international standard of copper. Balkhash is one of the most important centers of non-ferrous metallurgy in Kazakhstan. There is a joint-stock company "Balkhashmys", which includes copper and non-ferrous rolling mills, chemical industry, etc. The city has a museum of the historical region, 2 sports complexes, a swimming pool, the Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries, a mining and Metallurgical college, pedagogical, medical schools, the general technical faculty of the Karaganda Poltechnical University, a music school, about 20 secondary and 8-year-old schools, 2 folk theaters, a video studio and cultural and health institutions.

Balkhash cityhow to get there

Balkhash is a city located on the shore of Lake Balkhash in the Karaganda region, Kazakhstan. The city is located in the Bertys harbor, 380 km from the city of Karaganda. GPS coordinates of Balkhash city: 46°50'53"N 74°59'42"E

Balkhash citytourism

The recreational potential of lakes and adjacent natural monuments in the area of the city of Balkhash and Lake Balkhash is a gorge, the tract of Bektau Ata, tugai forests, etc. allows you to receive tourists. Popular types of tourism on the shores of Lake Balkhash are beach tourism, water sports: sailing, kayaking and canoeing, sport fishing. More than 4 thousand people annually rest on the shore of Lake Balkhash. Conditions for vacationers are created by 9 recreation areas of large industrialists of the region and private entrepreneurs. The Almaty–Yekaterinburg highway of international and national significance runs on the western shore of the lake. One of the natural monuments located in the region is the Bektau–ata mountain network. The peak of the Bektau-ata mountain reaches 1000 meters. About a hundred plant species are common here, 45 of them are rare, and 8 are listed in the Red Book. Also on the Bektauata mountain there is a cave "Aulie" with a source of fresh water, which is considered sacred. The Bektau-Ata mountain network is a unique creation of the natural world that arouses interest among tourists.

Balkhash city


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