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Aktobe region in Kazakhstan.

Adventure tourism in Aktobe region.

Aktobe region is one of the 14 regions of Kazakhstan. Its capital city is Aktobe (Aktyubinsk). The area is located in the middle west of Kazakhstan. In the south it borders with the Aral Sea, in the north with the Ural provinces of Russia.

Tourist information Aktobe region.

A large part of the area is occupied by a plain crossed by rivers, in the middle part the Mugojar mountains extend. The highest mountain is 657 m - Great Baktybai. The western part of the region is occupied by the Podural plateau, which merges with the Caspian lowland in the southwest; in the southeast - massifs of sand - Aral-Karakum, as well as large and small Badgers. Turgai plateau begins in the northeast.

Flora and fauna Aktobe region.

The northwestern part of the region is covered with grass and wormwood, in the meadows - meadow vegetation, poplar, aspen and birch groves and shrubs. The area has large populations of rodents (steppe lemmings, gophers and mice). Predators include wolves and steppe foxes. Saigas live here. The protected area of Turgai with an area of 348,000 hectares is located in the Aktobe region. The territory is included in the list of significant wetlands in the world. Lakes and adjoining wetlands cover an area of 40,000 ha. The importance of the protected area is explained by its location on one of the most important migratory bird routes. The reserve is home to 29 species of mammals, eleven species of fish and 170 species of birds, of which 30 species are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. Huge reed fields in which wild boars live, muskrats live in lakes. There are a lot of waterfowl. In autumn and spring, the lakes are covered with flocks of birds. Gray geese, many ducks, herons, cormorants and waders nest here. A whooper swan, a spoonbill, a brown cyclone, a pelican, a crane, a steppe eagle, a white-tailed eagle, an osprey and a common duck nest there, also listed in the Red Book. Small swans, flamingos, red-necked geese, bustards, falcons and rare cranes monks can also be observed in these areas. Commercial fishing and any activity is strictly prohibited during the nesting and breeding of birds.

History Aktobe region.

Aktobe region was founded on March 10, 1932 as the Aktobe region of the Kazakh SSR.

Economics Aktobe region.

In the Aktobe region there are important oil fields Zhanazhal and Kengiyak as well as deposits of chrome ore near the city of Khromtau. Here once there was a missile test site of the times of the Soviet Union.

Administrative division Aktobe region.

The district is divided into 12 districts and an independent city, the capital of Aktobe.


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