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Bokty Mount

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Mount Bokty has amazing characteristics. This is a change in its contours from different viewing points. On the one hand, Mount Bokty looks like a giant boat with an inverted keel. From the south side, the mountain looks like a horizontal multi-colored pyramid. Mount Bokty is one of the natural monuments of the Mangystau region. This object is included in the countless attractions of the Mangystau State Reserve.

Mount Bokty – how to get there.

Mount Bokty is located in the Mangystau region in Kazakhstan on the Mangyshlak peninsula in a desert, steppe area. The distance from the Shopa-Ata mosque to the Bokty mountain is 36 kilometers, from the Baisary tract and the Boszhira tract to the Bokty mountain is 23 kilometers. GPS coordinates of Mount Bokty: N43°25'19.96" E53°47'57.59"

Mount Bokty – information for tourists

The height of Mount Bokty is 165 meters above sea level, which is quite high for this region, the mountain is visible from afar and has special outlines that it is impossible not to notice. A dirt road leads from the Boszhira tract to Mount Bokty, all roads in this territory are dirt and dusty, it is possible to move here only by 4x4 jeeps consisting of at least two cars. Mount Bokty is located at the bottom of a dried-up salt marsh, and the famous Beket-Ata Mosque is also located in this area. The length of Mount Bokty is about 1 kilometer, the width is 600 meters. Gorya Bokty is a local attraction, traveling to the Bosjira plateau and the Beket-Ata mosque, we will definitely visit this mountain on the way, you can also set up a camp and spend the night next to the mountain.

Mount Bokty


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