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Sairan lake in Almaty city, Kazakhstan.

Photo excursion to Sairan lake in Almaty city.

Sairan is an artificial lake located in the Auezov district of Almaty. We can say that this is the reservoir of the Big Almaty River. Sairan Lake borders Otegen Batyr Streets, Tole Bi Streets, Tlendieva Streets, and also on Abay Avenue. There is a dam on Tole bi street. There is a bus station with the same name Sayran.

Information about Sairan lake.

The volume of water is 2.3 million. The average depth is 12.1 m, the maximum depth is 18 m. In the cold season, the lake is without water.
Since 2000, at the bottom of Lake Sairan, a festival of jeeps and skiing on mud and obstacles has been held.

History of Lake Sairan.

Sairan Dam was built in 1971. The lake was landscaped, there were beautiful beaches and boat stations, and it was a recreation area for local residents. Over time, the area around the lake was clogged and repeatedly cleaned due to repeated water pollution.
In 2006, a 50-meter fountain was installed in the middle of the lake to give an impetus to the now beloved lake. Fontam worked only a year and no longer works.
December 10, 2010 in the Almaty branch of the NDP "Nur Otan" held a regular meeting of the Public Council for the settlement and resolution of social conflicts. During the meeting, the environmental situation of the city of Almaty was considered. In this regard, the head of the Department of Natural Resources and Nature Management of the city of Almaty Sultanbek Makezhanov was invited to submit a special offer on Lake Sairan:

Lake Sairan today.

2012 was declared the Year of Culture in Almaty, and the mayor of the city, Akhmetzhan Yesimov, announced that it was planned to modernize Lake Sairan and begin construction of the aquarium.
According to 2012, the lake is completely unsuitable for swimming. But in the future, projects are being implemented to turn the lake into a picturesque resort and tourist destination in the city.
In 2013, it is planned to begin construction of an aquarium on an area of 0.6 hectares on the eastern shore of Lake Sairan.