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Karaganda Regional Russian Drama Theater named K. S. Stanislavsky.

Excursion to theatre of Karaganda city.

The Karaganda State Order of Friendship of Peoples the Russian Drama Theater named K. S. Stanislavsky is a theater in the city of Karaganda, one of the first Russian drama theaters in Kazakhstan.

Theater History named K. S. Stanislavsky.

The Drama Theater was founded in 1930 in Semipalatinsk on the basis of an amateur art circle. In 1932-1935, a mobile theater, in 1936 he worked in Balkash, in 1940 he moved to Karaganda. In 1963, the Drama Theater was named after the great director K. S. Stanislavsky. In 1981, in honor of its fiftieth birthday, the theater was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples.

Information about theatre K. S. Stanislavsky.

VV Kuzmin-Karavaev, A. A. Demidova, V. F. Kornienko, V. K. Borisov, People's Artist of Russia A. I. Buldakov, Honored Artists of the Kazakh SSR T. F played on the stage of the theater. Zelenin, T. A. Davydova, D. A. Belov, V. T. Makush, A. P. Zimaryova, Z. G. Goreva, I. A. Kalachanov, now in the troupe, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan V. G. Zlobin, L. M. Pekusheva, I. F. Gorodkova, O. L. Tsvetkova, I. S. Nemtsev, G. A. Turchina , I.V. Egorova and others [1]. For many years, the theater was led by Honored Art Workers of Kazakhstan N. Volojanin and G. Oganesyan.

The building of the theater is located on N. Nazarbayev Avenue, and until 2008 the Karaganda Regional Kazakh Drama Theater named after S. Seifullin was also based in it.


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