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Zharkent mosque

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Zharkent mosque is a monument, the mosque was built in 1887-1892 in the city of Zharkent. Hong Peak architect. The facade of the mosque faces east, the area is 28x54 m, the height is 14.5 m, the height of the main (tower) is 19 m, the mosque is surrounded by a chain of 52 columns. The columns are engraved on wood with exquisite carvings, columns made of Tien Shan spruce, these columns are of great importance in creating and decorating the building frame. When assembling the mosque, nails were not used. The interior of the mosque is richly decorated with fine ornaments. There is a small house in the northeast corner of the courtyard of the mosque, and a madrasah on the south side. The complex is surrounded by a stone fence 2.3 meters high with large gates on the South and North sides.

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The Zharkent mosque is located in the city of Zharkent, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 44.16295°N 80.00034°E

Information, history -

The Zharkent mosque is an architectural monument of the 19th century. The construction of the complex was carried out in two stages, the 1st stage covers the period from 1887 to 1890. At the first stage, the building of the mosque and the main entrance portal were built. At the second stage, from 1891 to 1892, a madrasah building, a prayer house, gates and fences were erected. Construction work was carried out under the guidance of a Chinese specialist, engineer Hong Pik, who was invited from Beijing. The customer was Vali Akhun Yuldashev and Zhanabai Kudaibergenov, who were the organizers, as well as Chinese architects of the Zharkent district. The most important object of the complex is the building of the mosque. The mosque was built in the most original way of that time. During the construction, not a single nail, not a single metal bracket was used.

Architecture -

The monumental entrance gates of the Zharkent mosque were built of burnt bricks on the southern and northern sides. The height of the gate is 4.6 m, the roof is two-row. The base of the fence is built of burnt bricks. Zharkent Mosque, popularly known as the Ualibay Mosque, located in Zharkent, is a monument of Chinese and Central Asian architecture. Built in 1892-1895 by the Chinese architect Hong Pik. This is a unique architectural monument. The facade is facing east, the area is 28x54 meters, the height is 14.5 meters, the height of the tower is 19 meters. The mosque is surrounded by a chain of 52 columns. The main building material is wood, 122 wooden beams are stacked on top of each other without nails. The interior is richly decorated with fine ornaments. The mosque and the church in Zharkent and in the city of Verny were preserved in their original form during the earthquake of 1910, which caused great damage. Since 1982, the Zharkent mosque has been under the protection of the state of Kazakhstan as a monument of architecture and history, which has republican significance.

Zharkent mosque in Zharkent city, Almaty region


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