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Zharkent church in Zharkent city, Kazakhstan.

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Temple of Elijah the Prophet (Zharkent) Church in the name of the Prophet of God Elijah (Zharkent city) - an Orthodox church in the name of the Prophet of God Elijah, is an architectural monument, was built in 1892 in the style of Vernensky Cathedral.

Description Zharkent church.

The temple building is a chopped building with richly decorated carvings, built from the Tien Shan spruce and standing on a brick-lime foundation. The temple building has a cross-shaped and five-domed shape. The width of the church from north to south is 6.114 fathoms, from west to east - 11.83 fathoms. The altar of the temple has the following parameters: length - 2 sazhens, height - 2 sazhens, width - 2.83 sazhens. The crosses of the temple are covered with scarlet iron and bronze. The capacity of the temple is 750 people. The temple has a belfry of six bells. The temple building was designed by the architect Troporevsky. The project was approved by the military governor Chanov and His Grace Arcadius.

History Zharkent church.

On August 12, 1882, the clergyman Pavel Beloyarov, who headed the church of St. Nicholas, raised the question of building a church. The construction of the temple took more than 5 years. The main funds for the construction of the temple were charitable donations. On October 16, 1898, Saint Antimins (a rectangular cloth plate with an embroidered icon) was consecrated by the Turkestan Bishop and Tashkent Arkady (Kaprinsky), it was issued on December 5, 1900. On December 22, 1900, the church was consecrated by priests Mikhail Osopersky, Viktov Hilarionov and Alexander Komorevsky. Under the USSR, the church building was closed and used as a warehouse for grain crops, a sports hall, a school and a club, which led to the dilapidation of the building. From 1991 to 1994, reconstruction of the building was carried out in the church. The church began to function in 1991. Since May 17, 1992, the rector of the church is Priest Pavel Ivanov - now Abbot Vianor. On the territory of the church is located the "Jordan", which was built and illuminated on July 23, 2010.